About Black Mist


So you wanna know about Black Mist, hm?  Well Okay

The story of Black Mist Crittery really begins way back when Catz and Dogz 1 came out, about 1996 I think.  (Dogz came out first, but I didn't know about them until they were both out) My friend Kelli told me about these really cool virtual dogs and cats you could have live on your computer.  So of course I had to have them!  We went and got Catz and Dogz.  My computer then was such a piece of shit it could hardly run catz.  Then at some point my computer crashed and I lost all but two of my catz who I had saved on a floppy disk.  (Remember floppy disks?  XD)  And I've still got those two kitties today!

When Petz 2 came out I wanted it but my computer was still crap so I couldn't get it.  Eventually I got a much better computer, then Petz 3 was released.  So me and Kelli got back into Petz.  I never got Petz 4 cuz I thought it was rather pointless, they didn't add anything worth spending money for.  I wanted to make a web site, and I thought I'd name my cattery and kennel Black Mist.  So I started learning HTML.  Although I gave up for a while, as I just got too confused and didn't have enough time for it.

Then my hard drive died.  I was devastated.  Along with lots of other important stuff I lost almost all my petz.  Miraculously some of my favorites were saved as I had left copies on a floppy disk.  Now I back everything up!  But I couldn't re-install Petz because my friend had the CDs and I never got them back from her.  (I think her little brother ate them XD )  I couldn't afford to just go out and buy two new copies, and besides I had a lot of other interests taking up my time.

Then one day Petz just started calling to me again, and I wanted to get my cuties off the disk they were sleeping on and play with them again.  So I thought I'd try to find copies of Petz 3, or Petz 4.  That's when I found out Petz 5 was in the works.  So why bother buying the old version when a new version's gonna come out?  (Hah, if I knew then what I know now...)  So began the agonizing wait for P5.  I DL'ed a pirated copy of Catz 3 to hold me over (couldn't find Dogz).  At this time I also finally got around to getting Oddballz, even though I'd wanted it ever since I got Petz to begin with.  Once I got Petz 5 I decided to give my web site another shot.  So slowly Black Mist began to develop.

But then my Petz obsession again came to a halt when something bad happened to me.  So I spent some time getting my life back together and focusing on other interests.  But I always come back to Petz.  Towards the end of 2004 I finally started becoming active in the petz community for the first time, and worked my ass off to finish Black Mist.  I opened my site on Jan 1, 2005 and it ran till about halfway through 2007.

Black Mist was down for over ten years while things happened to me and other interests took my time.  Then my good friend Rat contacted me in the fall of 2017, telling me that the Petz Community was getting back together and I should join it.  It took some time but eventually I came back, and Black Mist was re-launched in the summer of 2019.

Why "Black Mist"?  I thought it sounded cool.  Cuz mist isn't really black.  So black mist sounds kinda creepy and mysterious and shit like that.  Hm, I like it anyway.

Why "crittery"?  No it's not a real word.  I made it up.  I thought it sounded cute and was a clever way of describing my site, as I have lots of different petz, not just catz and dogz.

Why have a Petz website anyway?  Well cuz I felt like it.  I love animals and I love computer games, so naturally I love Petz.  I'm hopelessly addicted to it.  I have a great interest in breeding real animals.  I hope to some day be a breeder.  Of what I'm not sure, I have interest in a great variety of species.  But I can't do that right now.  So for now I enjoy playing with Petz.  Petz is also fun because it lets me breed lots of different breeds at once, something I wouldn't be able to do in real life.  I can also breed lots of random cute mixies, which I would never do in real life.  Plus having creatures that I could never own IRL because they don't exist, like dragons and winged wolves.  I also love hexing different petz and playing with the code of the game to see what I can do.  It's a fun way to be creative, and enjoy other people's creativity as well.  And lastly, I have a website simply because I want to express myself and share my oddness with others.

What I want Black Mist to be is a mix of all the different aspects of petz that I love.  I love to breed and show petz like a real kennel, have classic bred mixies and hexies that we all know and love, and let my imagination run wild with fantasy creatures and making up things about them.  Black Mist has slowly improved with time, and I'm pretty happy with it now.  I hope to continue to add stuff and have fun with it for a long time.

And now here it is.  My own little waste of web space.  Do you like it?  Well, probably not, but I don't give a flying fuck.  :P  I'm having fun working on it and I love messing with Petz and this gives me a place to display all my shit.  This website will probably never be grand but I don't care about being uber popular.  This is just a place for me to express myself.  If just a few people come here and find it a bit amusing, then I'm happy!  :)

So this is Black Mist Crittery.  Yeah.

Lizard Flippin' Good!