Adoption Rules


So, you want a Black Mist pet?  Great!  I don't require a super long form.  This is not English class, so I'm not gonna say you have to write so many sentences, that's just silly.  And I don't know about you, but I hate it when I have to write really long applications.  Just write a little something, and put a little effort into it.  Since I took the effort to breed/hex and put it up here.  But I rarely reject apps, no matter what you write.  Most petz are almost freebies, unless I get more than one app for the same pet in a short amount of time.  Just write a little something and you will more than likely get the pet!

I also accept trades, especially for hexies but for bred petz too if you want, instead of written apps, just mention you want to trade and put a link to your offers in the "Why do you want this pet?" feild.  You may also offer art as a trade, I enjoy custom pictures of my petz or characters.  :)

Just follow these rules, K?

If you agree to all these terms, go ahead and fill out the form and send it in!

Most bred petz were bred in Petz 5 (except for ones bred by someone else for me). But if you use Petz 3 or 4 I can use PetFlux to convert the pet for you so it will work in your game. This is why I ask which game version you use.


Adoption Form

• Your name:
• Your e-mail:
Your Cattery/Kennel/Site/whatever:
Your web site URL:
• Pet you wish to adopt:
Do the penguins control your brain?
• Did you read the rules?

• Game version you use:
Petz 5 Petz 3/4
• Why do you want this pet?

• = Required field


If for some reason the form doesn't work, or it tries to eat you, just copy the form below into an e-mail and
Make the subject Adoption Application - pet's name

Your name: 
Your e-mail: 
Your Cattery/Kennel: 
Your web site URL: 
Pet you wish to adopt: 
Do the penguins control your brain? 
Did you read the rules? 
Game version you use:
Why do you want this pet? 

Note:  Although all these files work fine on my computer I can make no guarantees about their function on your computer.  I can not be held responsible for any game crashes, alien abductions, elephants flying out of your butt, or any other odd things that might happen as a result of these files.  But they should work fine.

We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.