Old Updates Archive


No point to this really, but here's an archive of all the old updates of Black Mist.  Oldest updates at the bottom, newest at the top.


Updates May 10, 2020:
+ Adoptions have been sent out!   Finally!  Sorry everyone that it has taken me so long to send petz out.
+ New clothes!  Now your petz can have some dapper bow ties to wear.
+ Sunflowers!  I converted the P3 sunflowers to P4 and P5.
+ My crew pages still need to be updated with many new petz, but I hope to get to that soon.

Updates February 14, 2020:
+ A new litter for adoption, pigz!   Check them out on the Critter Litters page!
+ Sorry that updates are so small and not very often lately.  Some things are going on IRL.  But don't worry, more updates are coming soon.  New downloads, new crew members, and adoptions being sent out are all in the works!

Updates August 14, 2019:
+ Just a quick update today:
+ Sent out some adoptions, yay!
+ We have a new member of the Hybirdize clique, sweet!
+ Fixed a few typos that have been there for ages. XD My proofreader is still working on finding all my typos, I'm sure there are more!

Updates July 30, 2019:
+ YES BLACK MIST IS BACK!!!  :D  The official reopening of Black Mist Crittery is today!  Hooray!
+ Lots of new petz have been added to my crew, go drool over them!
+ Some new litters have been added to the Catz, Dogz, and Critters sections, go adopt them!
+ A few new clothes and other things have been added to the take section, go download them!
+ An entire new section, MPA has been added filled with all kinds of petz looking for new homes!
+ A few tweaks here and there.

June 16, 2010
+ Hexed War Kittens

May 11, 2010
+ As promised, the downloads are back!

April 23, 2010
+ Black Mist's offical death

Updates December 18, 2007
+ Just checking in to say that I'm still alive.
+ Also sent out some adoptions. Adopt moar plz!! :P
+ I know I need a new layout and stuff. I'll get to that.

November 29, 2007
+ Okay so I sent out the last of the zombie catz. Very sorry that took so long!
+ There is a new litter of hybrids bred by me and Angela. You go adopt them! Cuz there's lots.
+ There will be more stuff when I have time.

October 30, 2007
+ I sent out some adoptions yah.
+ Updated my sibling site links.
+ Added people to the Hybrid Clique
+ And that's all for tonight becaue I am damn tired. XD
+ It's almost midnight so... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

October 19, 2007
+ A lot of things are still down, and my crew is still way out of date, but I will work on those things soon.  Besides, you came here for the litters, right?
+ And litters there are!  I have two hexed litters made just for Halloween, 4 bred litters bred by my dear friend Angela.  Because I own her soul and can force her to do my bidding!  ;)
+ As I did before, there is a hidden page for you to find with some special stuff.  Yes I promise there is NEW stuff this year.  See all that rambling above for details.

April 2, 2007
+ Hiatus!! D:

January 16, 2007
+ Look I'm not dead yet!  x.x  Black Mist has survived another year.  Yay and stuff.
+ Sent out some adoptions.  Sorry to those who were waiting a long time, I've been slow.
+ Go visit my newest sister, the one, the only, Kitty of Devilish!  You should already know and love her.  If you don't . . . Well do I have to warn you about the rabid billy-bumblers again?  :K
+ Old litters will be cleaned out in a few days.  And other stuff will happen. . . at some point.  Yeah.

December 6, 2006
+ Just as promised, new litters!  There's a rat litter, cat litter, and dog litter.  Go steal them, you know you want to.
+ I'll be cleaning out old litterssoon, so if there's any you want that have been sitting around for a while you better snatch them up now.
+ There's still a lot of stuff I want to get done, but I'll get to it eventually.  :P

December 2, 2006
+ OMG I SUCK! >.> Sorry I'm being terribly neglectful of Black Mist again.
+ I sent out adoptions finally though!
+ I will breed/hex new litters and do more stuff soon... ish. XD

October 31, 2006
+ Muahahaha!!! Happy Halloween!!
+ Sent out some adoptions yah!
+ That's all for tonight, cuz I'm gonna go OD on candy and watch horror movies. ^__^

October 29, 2006
+ Eeep! He Halloween hexies went fast! There is only one Sun Dog left.
+ There are some new Halloween litters though! Two hexed by my friend Atara, and one hexed and bred by me. Check out the critter and cat litters.

October 26, 2006
+ Went though apps and send out some adoptions.  There's still a few halloween hexies left.  Grab 'em while you can!
+ Added a litter of hybrids, wonderfully evil looking, fitting for the season.  XD
+ Have you found the Halloween downloads yet?  ;D

October 20, 2006
+ OMG a new layout!!  This is my Halloween layout.  You may notice that although it has a slightly creepy feel to it, it doesn't really scream Halloween.  I did this on purpose, because I plan to leave this layout up way past Halloween.  You know how lazy I am about layouts.  :P
+ Well I've had to temperately move my site because I'm having issues updating.  But because I have less space here, a few pages are down.  Hopefully this is only temporary.
+ There are two sexy new hexed litters for you.  All evil and Halloween themed!  One cat litter and one dog litter.
+ Ummm... There might be something else around for you but... Hmm, I dunno... ~_^

October 5, 2006
+ Well lookit this!  And update!  *gasp*
+ I sent out some adoptions, updated hybrid clique list, and fixed some stuff on the main page.
+ I will be gone all this weekend, from Friday to Monday.  I'm goin on a little trip. ^_^
+ When I get back I promise I'm gonna work on some cool stuff for Halloween!!  XD  So look for Black Mist to be coming back to life somewhat soon!

September 7, 2006
+ Yes I am alive! And I've sent out adoptions! Very sorry for the wait.
+ Added a new member to the hybrid clique.
+ Updated my sibling sites. Mouse is closed but you should now go visit Jaser at City! And Rat has been added! I'm very sorry it too me so long to add you, Rat. You have my permition to feed me to the penguins. >.>;
+ Added some fanlistings and junk to the box o' junk.
+ pdated links. Weeded out dead ones and added some new ones.
+ Added a funny quote to the 'you had to be there' page.

August 11, 2006
+ Again only a little update to say I've sent out adoptions.  All the Foxy Foxy Alleys were snatched up, and quite a few naturals got homes.  Yay!  Getting apps makes me happy.  ^.^
+ I know I've been neglecting Black Mist lately.  But don't worry, things will pick up again.  I'm just in a lull of not wanting to work on things right now.  But it won't last too long, I promise.  ;)

July 31, 2006
+ Just a tiny update to say I send out a few adoptions.  That's all for now.
+ There's still two Foxy Foxy Alleys left, and lots of bred petters.  Adopt them yah!  :)

July 27, 2006
+ New bred litters woot! Some catz, dogz, and one fish litter. Most are for P3/4!
+ A new hexed litter too! Alley Catz with markings like foxes. ^.^
+ Send out adoptions and added people to the hybrid clique.

July 19, 2006
+ Sent out some adoptions.  I also cleaned out a bunch of old litter, like I said I would.  I will breed some new litters soon.
+ I updated all my rainbow clothes.  Since I made them so long ago the colors weren't quite right and they were bugging me.  I put them all together in one download, so if you just want all the updated rainbow clothes, you don't have to dig though all the others.  Check them out on the clothes page.
+ Added a few more hybrid buttons made by Chloe.

July 6, 2006
+ Send out adoptions and updated stats.
+ Updated the hybrid clique list, and added some buttons made by Chloe.  Thanks Chloe!
+ Updated Peppermint's picture, she was missing her texture, but L41N sent it to me, thanks!
+ I did this the other day, but it's worth mentioning here.  I have a new brother site!  So go visit Mouse, cuz Jaser pwns j00!
+ I added a picture of myself to the about Meer page.  Go look at it!!  *sniggers*  XD

June 28, 2006
+ Hmm, well it's 3 AM, so I guess I can just say it's tomorrow.  Yeah that makes sense.  >.>
+ Sent out adoptions. Eep, I didn't expect to get so many apps for Brainsucker.  O_o And I added two new bred cat litters, adopt them yo!
+ Added people to the hybrid clique list, and added a banner that Rat made.
+ Added some more of those silly eggs.
+ I finally broke down and joined Neopets, kill me now.  >.<  So you can see my pet in the junk box. Click it and sign up, it will get me shit.  XD
+ Pretty soon I'm gonna clean out some old adoptions that have been sitting around forever. So if there's a pet you've been thinking about applying for, ya better do it. Cuz the leftovers will end up going to the AAC or being deleted.
+ I'm fucking tired now, I'm going to bed.

June 12, 2006
+ Just a small update today.
+ One new cat litter.  Sexy Alleys. Steal them!
+ Yay we got some members of the hybrid clique!  ^__^  Everyone is on the list, so the world knows how much we hybrid lovers rock.
+ Sent out some adoptions.  There's still a few hexies left.  Snatch them up!

June 6, 2006
+ HOMG IT'S 666!!!111one XD
+ Wow, the non-conformist Meer made a clique, an even more ominous sign of the end of the world.  >.> Check it out, in the random section.
+ A few new adoptions but not much, one cat litter and a few cat and dog singles.
+ I updated my crew!  I'm all caught up now. + Added a few links.  Go check out the cool sites.
+ Sent out some adoptions.  I was kinda hoping I'd get more/better apps for the jewel danes.  When I first stared working on the file, lots of people seemed really interested.  But that was quite a while ago, so I guess it's not so interesting now?  Eh, anyway there's still some available.

May 31, 2006
+ Send out lots of adoptions.
+ The Cheshire Apps are closed now, I got lots of apps, I'll be making them and sending them out soon.
+ I haven't gone though the Jewel Dane apps yet, so don't panic that you didn't get one.
+ A few new bred litters, in Dogz, Catz and critters.

May 17, 2006
+ Sent out adoptions, yah.
+ I made a new tie.  Tis a rainbow tie!  Woot!
+ 3 hexed litters!  One rat litter, one dog litter, and one cat litter.  Check 'em out!
+ I fixed it so my pages always show up in the frames if they're linked to.  And I made the background not repeat so it doesn't look crappy on high res.  Ho hum, that's not very exciting.

May 10, 2006
+ I send out adoptions and updated stats.  Still lots of petters for adoption.  Snatch them!
+ I re-wrote the adoption rules a little bit.  So please re-read them before you apply!
+ New hexed and bred litters will come soon, whenever I get a chance to breed and hex stuffs.

May 3, 2006
+ Crew update woot!  Lotsa new petz, go drool over them.  All my petz are up save two hybrids that need to be named, then I'll put them up.
+ I got some snazzy new banners made for me by Atara!  Go check 'em out, and if you'd like, use one to link to me.
+ A few new cat singles to adopt.  (cuz I forgot to add them last update >.<)
+ My Ties have been updated, so they don't look so lame.  Also I added P3 conversions of all my clothes.
+ I put up my alley file with mutating spots!  Also a few not to exciting things to the other downloads page. Look at them anyway.
+ Send out adoptions and all that.

April 22, 2006
+ OMG new clothes!  Check out the Take section, cuz I made new collars and stuff.
+ A new breed too!  Although not made by me, I'm hosting it for Badger.  Sorry it took me so long to get it up Badger!
+ New pictures in the 'love is strage' section of What The Fuck.
+ Some new adoptions!  A few bred litters, a hexed critter litter, and a huge bunch of hybrids I need to get rid of, check out the critter section and adopt!
+ A new pack in the Wild section.  Well actually they're two separete packs, but they're on the same page. Check out Morda Forell! + Added a few links to kick ass sites you need to visit.

+ Sent out adoptions and all that.  Very sorry it took me so long to send out petz this time!

March 29, 2006
+ Sent out adoptions.  Sorry if you didn't get the pet you wanted.  I got lots of good apps, and it was hard deciding some of them!  But there are still a few hexies available.
+ I added some bred cat and dog litters like I said I would.  Plus a few cat singles.
+ I have two new sibling sites!  Woo hoo!  Go pounce on Krista and Chi, cuz they rock!

March 23, 2006
+ Woot fucking woot!  I finally got my entire crew updated!  That's right, every single one of my petz is up on my site for you to drool over.  Do you wan to know how many petz I have?  No, you don't.  A fucking lot, that's how many.  *collapses*
+ Three new hexed litters!  One cat, one dog, and one rat (in the critter section).  Eat them.  No, don't eat them, adopt them.  Yes, that's right.
+ A few random hybrid litters and some singles added.
+ I re-converted my breed files with the latest version of LNZ Pro, since there was apparently a bug in unibreeds.  So if you downloaded one of my lame files it'd be a good idea to re-download it.
+ Added two new funny quotes.  They're funny, really.
+ Sent out adoptions and all that.

March 10, 2006
+ I send out some adoptions.  Just a note, please read the rules before applying!  It's not that hard, and I can tell if you don't.  >.>  Another thing, when I say you don't have to write a lot, that doesn't mean two words.  Unless it's just a random mixie or breeding project leftover that I just want to get rid of.
+ I added some links and cleaned up broken links.
+ Joined a few more fanlistings.
+ Added more of those damn eggs.  They're addicting.  Grr I've missed so many cool ones. XP

March 4, 2006
+ Not much to update yet.  But I sent out a bunch of adoptions.

+ I hexed some more Hell Hound Danes, just cuz I'm nice like that.  Go adopt them!

February 21, 2006
+ New litters yah! A hexed dog litter and a hexed critter litter, plus a crazy mess of bred hybrids in the critter litters.
+ I added some more junk to my box o' junk.
+ I finally added all my champions to the Champs page.

February 10, 2006
+ Hey, just lettin you know I'm still alive.  Just been working on other things, so I haven't had time to work on my site.
+ Sent out a few adoptions.
+ I've updated all my existing crew, made sure their info was right, got their show points up to date, etc.  Next I'll work on adding all my new petz.  But that will take a while.
+ If I don't put up some new litters soon, you have my promission to tie me up and do wicked things to me.  I really have been meaning to get more litters.

January 26, 2006
+ Damnit!  I'm sorry I haven't updated lately.  I meant to, but I haven't had time.
+ I sent out some adoptions.  That's all I"ve had time for.
+ It may be a little while before Black Mist is back up to speed.

January 12, 2006
+ sent out some adoptions ya!
+ I've added my simple fuzzy cali file to the breeds page.
+ I'm gonna try to have some hexed things up soon.  But untill then, keep adopting the naturals!

January 1, 2006
+ W00T W00T! Happy new year! And happy birthday to Black Mist! It's one year old today. Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole year since I opened.
+ Major fucking updates! As you can see, a spiffy new layout. I've also majorly reworked my html, and there are updates to nearly every single page, so look around at everything.
+ Some of the main updated things are: Some new bred litters up and a few singles, new stuff in Soap Box, WTF, and Photoshoped, and my few crappy breed files are now unibreeds so they'll work in any version.
+ My crew is still very much in progress. I've got the existing crew pics updated, but new petz haven't been added yet. I couldn't get them done in time if I wanted this update to be up new year's day. But I'm gonna work my ass off on my crew now, so look for updates soon.

December 26, 2005
+ I hope everyone had/has a great Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramada, Yule, or winter solstice! (I didn't miss any did I? Heh)
+ I haven't had much time to work on my site and such, hopfully that will change soon.
+ I'd decided to extend the holiday freebies till new years eve! So go adopt some more!

December 15, 2005
+ It's Holiday shit time! Woot woot!
+ Guess what suckahs! From now until Christmas, all bred adoptions are freebies. That's right, complete FREEBIES! No why required, so go get you some.
+ Also, there might be something special for you to download somewhere. But I'm not sure where it is... It might be hidden, so look around. XD

December 5, 2005
+ Yay for Minibyte! She's converted my mohawks to P3, so now everyone can have them. She's also fixed the file names of the P4 'hawks, and fixed the bug in the spiked braclets (at least for some people).
+ I went though apps and sent out adoptions. Wow, I got a lot of apps for Diamond.
+ I made more wingy muttlies! Go eat them! ..er, I mean adopt them.
+ New hexed litter coming soon, I promise.

November 12, 2005
+ Finally went though apps and sent out petz. Sorry that took a while.
+ And finally took the Halloween layout down. It's back to the old layout. I'm working on a new one, but it won't be done for quite a while, so this one will do for now.
+ Added a new quote to You Had To Be There. You should read it, it's funny.
+ I am planning a litter of those cute girly danes I showed at TPS, but I haven't had time yet. But look for those... soon...ish.

November 8, 2005
+ I added a ridiculous amount of fantasy hybrids for adoption in the Wild Packs section.  And one hexed doggy litter.  Adopt away!
+ Yes I know the Halloween layout is still up.  Bite me.  :P I can't be arsed to change it right now.  Besides, Halloween goes by to fast, it should stick around a bit longer.

November 2, 2005
+ Sent out the last of the Muttlies.  That's all for now.

October 29, 2005
+ Went though apps and sent out adoptions!  Sorry it took a while.  There's still one Muttlie left.  I can't believe no one wants Regan.  If no one grabs her soon, I may have to keep her.

October 18, 2005
+ I went though some apps, and sent out a bunch of petz!  Yay, my Halloween litters are liked!  I've got lots of apps for them, that makes me happy, even though it's hard to pick who gets the pet.
+ I cleaned out some old litters and bred 4 new ones.  2 cat and 2 dog litters.  And guess what?  Only one of them is P5 only!  Woot Woot!
+ Updated links.  Updated some sites that moved and added a few more.

October 11, 2005
+ Halloween litters suckahs!  Um, yeah.  A dog litter and a cat litter.  Check 'em out.
+ I have a special download treat for you!  See below.  ;)
+ I realized I forgot to change the credit link for the brushes I used in this layout, so I did that.
+ Send out adoptions.

October 1, 2005
+ New layout!  Nice and crappily Halloween-ish.
+ Send out adoptions and sent some leftovers I was tired of looking at to the AAC.
+ Lots of new adoptions!  Litters and singles in catz, dogz, and wild pack sections.
+ A new download for you to snatch, really cool sunglasses made by Rat.
+ Finally finished updating the pics for all my dogz, next I'll work on catz.  But long over due new additions will have to wait, I just haven't been able to get to them yet.

September 23, 2005
Finally sent out adoptions and updated stats and such.
+ Keep adopting people!  Cuz soon I'm gonna start putting some of the old adoptions that have been sitting around forever on the AAC to make room for some new stuff.
+ I know, I'm way overdue for a really big update, but I just haven't had the time or motivation to work on stuff.  But I'll get to it, eventually.

September 8, 2005
+ I've updated my spiked collars a bit.  Just a few minor tweaks to make them look a bit better, cuz they were buggin me.
+ Minibyte has converted my spiked collars and bracelets to Petz 3!  Woot Woot!  Now everyone can have kick ass spiky things on their petz!
+ Send out adoptions and updated stats, yo.

September 1, 2005
+ Sent adoptions out.  Sorry to those who applied for Inverse, your apps were good, but Kitty kicked your butts with the most amusing poem Meer has ever read.  XD
+ Meer is feeling like she has too much crap to do and not enough time to do it in.  You know how that goes.  More stuff some time in the future.
+ Also, check out this pic of my first PKC Best in Show, Amun.  He's hot, you know you want him.  Also, he rocks, and so do I, cuz he's mine.  *gloats*

August 24, 2005
+ Send out adoptions.  I got lots of apps for a few of the Cheshires.  O.o
+ Added some new critters to the Packless page.  Finally added Jek's adorable girlfriend.  ^.^
+ Two new collars for download, classy collars with metal nameplates.
+ Added a little poll thingy.  I'm curious about what people prefer, so if you wanna see another Muttlie litter from me, vote, yo!

August 19, 2005
+ A bunch of new litters!  2 natural cat litters, 1 hexed cat litter, and 1 hexed dog litter.  All for your stealing pleasure.
+ Stuck a few leftovers from some older litters in singles, cuz I was tired of looking at their litter pics.  Steal them won't you?
+ Sent out adoptions and all that jazz.  I may do some more breeding in the near future.

August 10, 2005
+ Okay, the adoption form is working again.  It better stay working now!
+ Added one new adoption rule.  Please read it, just for the sake of my (in)sanity.
+ Black Mist now has a stable!  Yes, now go drool over my lovely horsies.
+ Added some more petz to my cattery, kennel, and oddities.  I'm all caught up except for fantasy creatures.
+ I'm still working on updating all my petz pictures, so for now excuse the disorder.  But the new ones look better don't they?  I think so, and they don't look too bad on the PKC website, and they'll work if I ever change the background color of my site.
+ I would like to breed some more litters, but people aren't adopting much. Come on people, snatch some petz!

August 2, 2005
+ Fuck a duck!  My form host is dead AGAIN!  x.x I think it may be dead for good now.  So I'll just have to go back to old fashion e-mail forms.  Cuz there's no way I'm gonna put up with a dumb ass host with ugly ass adds and not even all the features I want.
+ But don't worry, I did get the apps that have been sent in the last couple of days, cuz they are saved on the site, even though I didn't get the e-mails.  So I've sent adoptions out.
+ That's all for now.  I wanted to get some other stuff done, but that'll have to wait.  I need a brake from working on petz shit, cuz I just feel overwhelmed and I've got too much fucking shit to deal with.  So I'm not gonna work on anything for a few days or so, then I'll get back to working on shit.  ¬¬ Heh, can you tell I'm having one of those days?  x.x

July 23, 2005
+ Send out adoptions.  Oi you guys like dicky mutts, I think you all need to get laid.  There's one left, surely some sicko wants Naughty?
+ Fixed a stupid spelling mistake, yeah.  x.x
+ I have a loverly new sister!  Now go pounce on Spike, for she needs pouncing!  + A few new adoptions, one dog single and two little critter singles.  Eat them.  That's all for now.

July 17, 2005
+ Eh, I guess you see that I remolded.  Do you like it?  If not, too bad, cuz I do.
+ You see there is a stable link over there, but don't get excited, it's not really up yet, it's just a place holder cuz a stable's coming.  Same for that bit of unlinked text in the kennel menu.  I'll leave you to ponder what on earth kind of breed could go there.
+ I'm working on redoing my crew pics a bit, but I have so many damn petz that it's slow work, so they'll gradually be updated.
+ Two new litters for your stealing pleasure, a hexed cat and hexed dog litter.
+ I finally sent out adoptions.  Sorry guys who waited so long you probably thought you weren't gonna get the pet.
+ Fixed the pokadot tie downloads, cuz stupid me had the wrong files linked. heh.

July 9, 2005
+ Woot!  My form host came back from the dead!  (Does that make it a zombie form?)  I'm so happy, cuz I couldn't find another one that was as good.  So now the adoption form is working again.
+ New crap for you to snatch!  Copy pasties of add ball things and such that I have made.  Check 'em out under the Take section.
+ Updated my things that piss me off rant again, cuz I remembered more things that piss me off.  ;)
+ The PCBR still isn't working for me.  x.x I don't know what the fuck is up with my dumbass computer.

July 5, 2005
+ Lookie!  A shiny new tagboard!  It's got an ad, but it's small and easily ignored, and I can put up with it cuz it's got cool features that plain old tagboard doesn't have.  I hope you like.  Poke at it!
+ Tweaked the adoption rules a bit.  Didn't change them, just reworded them somewhat.  Also the form is down so you'll have to send e-mail apps for now.
+ Sent out adoptions finally.  There are only two ebel muttlies left!  Cuz I was bored, I stuck the names of the bands that sing the songs the muttlies were named after by the names of the ones that have been adopted.  So if your curious/insanely bored you can look at that.
+ Updated my Random Things That Piss Meer Off rant, cuz I got pissed off again.  ;)
+ Arg!  The PC Button Rotation isn't working for me!  I can't see the buttons in either IE or Firefox.  Can any geeks out there help me?
+> You probably don't care, but I has a really awesome time at the Alanis Morrissette concert.  Alanis fuckin rocks!  (I don't get to go to concerts very often so it's a big deal :P )

June 30, 2005
+ Added a bunch of new petz to all sections.  I am finally caught up!  For now at least.  Added two new breeds I'm specializing in, Egyptian Maus and Sugar Gliders, which are now in with the rats in a new section called Small Critters, as you can see.
+ Does anybody like reading my 'wild pack' shit, or do you all think it's really stupid?  Just curious .  .  .
+ Added a new link.  If you are interested in showing other petz besides catz and dogz, check out LSAPC! It's just started and we need more members!
+ I haven't sent out muttlie adoptions yet, as I'm still going though the apps.  :P
+ *poke poke* What happened to the PC Button Rotation?  It seems to be broken.  *poke poke chew*

June 24, 2005
+ Finally, here is the bloody update.  Maybe not as big as you'd hope, sorry, that's my fault for promising big ass.  And sorry it took so long, it's just because I'm slow with stuff, it is absolutely not because I've been spending too much time reading Lord of the Rings slash.  >.> *hums innocently*
+ Two new natural cat litters and one hexed dog litter.  Adopt them, yeah.
+ More hexie clothes.  Ties and spiked bracelets.  Hope you like.
+ Added lotsa petz to my crew sections, including a new bit in Wild Packs. Although I'm still not caught up with all my new petz.
+ New pictures in WTF, Photoshopped, We Will Rock You, and A Strange Love Affair.
+ New rants in Soap Box and a new quote in You Had To Be There.
+ Buncha new junk in the random junk down below.  Yes I found a penguin FL!  I think I may have to stick my FLs on their own page, it's getting a bit crowded down there.  x.x
+ Cleaned up my links.  No sense linking to sites that haven't been updated in half a year.  :(
+ Um, I think that's it.  Oh, and sent out adoptions bla bla bla.

June 20, 2005
+ I'm back.  I'm working on shit.  It will take a while, I'm slow with updates.  Have patience, or I will bite you.  In fact I may bite you anyway, just cuz I'm evil like that.  :K

June 14, 2005
+ Notice:  Meer will be gone for a bit.  And not just gone out of her mind.
+ Oi, I have to go on vacation to Branson with my parents.  x.x I don't really want to go, but mom wants me to, so I'm going.  I'm leaving tomorrow, and I'll be back Sunday.  That means the big update I promised will have to wait.  I was hoping I'd get everything done before I left, but I didn't, I suck.  Feel free to continue sending in adoption apps, molesting my tag board, or what ever.  But I won't be around to respond until Sunday.
Later guys!  Hope everyone manages to avoid attacks by penguins, platipi, lemurs, llamas, dolphins, wererats, vampires, zombies, aliens, and whatnot while I'm gone.  :P

June 9, 2005
+ Sent out adoptions and updated stats accordingly.  Some mixies were adopted, and there's still a bunch left, so keep adopting.
+ Fixed a few of my mixie litter pics, cuz they were bugging the hell out of me.  Bloody OCD.  >.>
+ That's all for now, but a big ass update is coming in a bit.  Yes, not just a big update, but a big ass update.  Just cuz I felt like saying 'big ass.' But please note that 'a bit' is a completely unspecified time period, as I have no clue when I'll get shit done.

May 29, 2005
+ Send out adoptions!  Damn, you guys like fangly and clawly things don't you?  O_o Well that's good cuz I like hexing them.  I got a lot of apps for the Danes With Teeth, and they're all gone now.  Sorry if you didn't get the pet you wanted, but I got lots of apps.  But these won't be the last petz with fangs and claws I make!  And there's one evil persian left.
+ That's all for now, no new stuff.  I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed at the moment with all the stuff I got to do, so just bear with me for a while.  But I have ideas for more hexed litters, bred litters, and hexed clothes, so those will come as soon as I have time to make them.

May 26, 2005
+ Sent out adoptions and updated stats.  Sorry if you didn't get the pet you wanted, I got several apps for some of the fangly things, so I had to be picky.  But there are still some left!  So keep adopting.
+ I went crazy and bred a hell of a lot of dogz, in P4 no less!  Something I don't do often.  So there are bunch of dogz mixie litters and singles for anyone to adopt!
+ I added 3 more fanlistings.  I join too many fanlistings don't I?  I can't help it, I'm addicted to them!
+ Because of a wonderful new tool for petz (which you can get here)  the Doubletalk and Stain love affair has become a threesome!  And it's gotten even kinkier with new pics added!

May 20, 2005
+ Black Mist has moved!  But I guess you noticed that.  I found a (almost) free host that I really like, I hope I don't outgrow it anytime soon.  I was going to keep the URL redirection so I wouldn't have update everywhere I've linked myself, but lo and behold!  cjb.net just recently decided to put ads on my page!  (odd coincidence, no?)  That pissed me off royally, so goodbye cjb.net.  :p No matter, I like my new url, it's cool. silenceisdefeat.org/~blackmist.  A bit longer, but very kick ass, wouldn't you say?
+ So, to spread out in my nice new space, I've added a page with edited pet pics.  It's in the randomness section.  Plus, a whole new funny pet pics page devoted entirely to two of my dogz, Doubletalk and Stain.  Just because I'm so weird.  It's below the updates.
+ I hexed a litter of doggies for you.  I hope they don't suck to much, that's all I got for now.  Go adopt them.

May 12, 2005
+ This is just a tiny little mini update, mostly to let everyone know that it might be a while before my next update.  I've got lots of stuff to do at the moment.  As I said I've used up all the web space that my ISP gave me, so I'm either going to have to move most of my images to photobucket, or move everything to one of those free webhosts.  Unless someone with a lot of space to give away (more than 20 MB)  would want to host Black Mist...  So I have to sort all that out, plus some RL stuff I need to get done, so just bear with me for a while.  ;)
+ I sent adoptions out.  My ebil persians are well liked!  Coolness.  More things will come, just as soon as I have time.
+ I added a new adoption rule, one pet per hexed litter per person, I think that's fair.

May 9, 2005
+ I hexed a lovely kitty litter for you, so go adopt them.  :)
+ Added a few of my new petz and updated show wins.
+ Added a new pack to the wild packs.  I did their page completely different from all my others, I dunno why, I just felt like it.
+ Moved my champs page to Randomness, cuz I didn't know where else to put it.
+ Added more pics to WTF.
+ Added three more rants, yes, I like to rant.
+ I think I fixed most of the problems with IE, so most everything should look okay in any browser now.  The main thing being that you can see the bottom of the side menu in IE.  Although my site is still sucky in 800 x 600 res, sorry.
+ I can't send out adoptions right now because my e-mail isn't working. *kicks it* But I will do that ASAP.  + This is really crappy.  x.x I am running out of webspace!  I was gonna add another page with lots of images on it, but I don't have room for them!  I dunno what I'm gonna do about this.  I didn't expect to run out of space so soon, I guess I upload too much crap.

April 19, 2005
+ Okay, so I lied.  I haven't had time to hex anything for you yet, but I will.  All I've had time to hex is a doggie for myself.  *points to the fanged cutie to the right*
+ But I did breed nice things for you!  Lots of kittie mixies, mostly Alley Cat mixies!  There are some singles and some litters.
+ Very few people have entered my contest, I think I made it too hard.  So I added a hint!  If you entered before I added the hint, to make it fair, you can enter again.  :)
+ Added a bunch of my new petz to my cattery and kennel pages so you may drool over them.
+ Updated my petz show wins, and I got another champion!  His pic has been added to the champion's page.
+ I got a tagboard!  Uber wootness, yes?  So scroll down and tag me already!
+ Added links, and tweaked a few other things here and there.

March 31, 2005
+ Yay, people are adopting!  That makes me very happy.  All adoptions sent out and stats updated.
+ All the rainbow ratz are gone.  Wow they went fast!  I got several apps for a few ratz, so sorry if you didn't get one.  But since they were so well liked, I may hex more in the future.
+ Updated my petz pages and show points.  But now I've adopted a bunch more so I'm behind again.
+ I got my very first Champion!  Woohoo!  It's Sprung's Seduce a Stranger, Suki!  And then not long after I got my second already, Black Mist's A King's Ransom, Ransom.  I'm so ecstatic!  I got champs!  I rock!  Hell yeah!  :D
+ Added a quote to You Had To Be There.  Does anyone find those amusing I wonder?  + That's all for now.  I plan on doing some more hexing and breeding soon, but I've got to work on some other stuff besides petz for a while, so I don't know exactly when.
+ Added a page with pics to show off my champions.  Go Check it Out

March 22, 2005
+ I'm not sick anymore!  Well I'm not sick as in ill, but I'll always be sick as in sick and demented, heh.  But anyway since I feel better, updates!
+ I hexed two litters in my shiny new illegal copy of Petz 4!  A dog litter and a rat litter, go adopt them!  They will work in all versions, yay!
+ I converted all my hexed breed files and clothes to Petz 4, so go download some junk.
+ Added some petz to my kennel, cattery, and rattery for you drooling pleasure.
+ I added a contest!  If you can guess where I got my name, I'll hex or breed you a pet.  Go check it out!

March 8, 2005
+ Not much today cuz I'm sick.  I have the yucky flu.  Not fun.  x.x
+ But!  I found out that because Ubi Soft is stupid and doesn't really care about Petz, you can DL Petz 4 for free!  So now I have Petz 4, yay! Unfortunately all my petz are still stuck in P5, and I don't want to have some petz in one game and some in another, so all bred adoptions will still be for P5 only.  But now I can convert all my hexed files to P4 and hex in P4.  So from now on all hexed litters will be compatible with P3 and up!  Woot woot!
+ Added a few links, but that's all for now.
+ Just as soon as I feel better and get some time, I'll be hexing, breeding, and converting my clothes and breed files for P4, so look for some stuff here soon.  I have lots of ideas, I just have to find some time to do them!

February 23, 2005
+ Finally got my Turkish Angoras up!  Go drool over them because they are super hot!  :D
+ I also updated all show points.  I've got two Reserve Champions now! Sprung's Seduce a Stranger and Black Mist's A King's Ransom.  Not too shabby for only two months of showing eh?

February 20, 2005
+ Just a few more things that I didn't get done the other day.
+ Lookie!  New graphics on the main page!  I was tired of looking at the old ones.  Plus I wanted an excuse to show off the uber sexy Doubletalk that the wonderful Kitty gave me.  *points to the fucking awesome twisted sexy and every other cool adjective in the world dogger in the menu*
+ I made some banners proclaiming some things that I feel strongly about, and shoved them into a nifty script so that every time you visit there'll be a random image.  It's down a the bottom there, see?
+ Added a couple rants to my soap box.  I've been wanting to go off about those things for a while, and I finally got around to writing them down in a somewhat coherent form.
+ I still haven't got my Angoras up, but you can see one of them in my hot new title graphic.  Err, at least I thought it was hot.  -.-
+ Unfortunately, the new title looks horrendous in 800 x 600 res, I'm sorry. This site doesn't look that great in 800 x 600 anyway.  Use 1024 x 768! Please?  It's better anyway, trust me.  ;)

February 19, 2005
+ Lots of stuff today.  I added some fan listing buttons and such.
+ Adopted a lot of petz and added their info.  New petz in Random Pride, Random Pack, Oddities, and Rebel rodents.  I also adopted some Turkish Angoras, but I haven't got them up yet.
+ The skin fur files I made are now PKC accepted and up for download! They're in the Other Files section of Take.
+ I put up two Anubite hybrid litters!  One is pretty cool but the other is...  a bit scary.  But have a look and adopt them!  They're in the litter section of Wild Packs.
+ A few other minor things:  added some links, and fixed the About Meer page, got rid of old dead quizzes and such.
+ I wanted to get a lot more done, but I haven't gotten to it all yet.  I've been working all day and now I'm very tired.

February 9, 2005
+ Happy Lunar New Year!
+ Nothing exciting today, but I added a few petz to my cattery and kennel, and added Papillons to my kennel!  It's about time I had some dogs of my favorite breed dontcha think?
+ I added a few links to (duh)  the links pages.
+ More litters are coming soon I promise!  Just as soon as I have some time to hex and breed.  At the moment another time-consuming hobby is sucking up all my time:  cleaning and restoring My Little Ponies, it's more work than you might think!

February 1, 2005
+ Tweaked the front page a bit, as you can see.  I'm still trying to get things to look good.
+ I hexed some collars, and I updated my mohawks.  Now all my hexed clothes have their own sprites!
+ A new pack of Anubites added to the Wild Packs section.
+ Adoptions sent out and adoption stats updated, although not many petz have been adopted.  Come on people, adopt more!
+ That's the extent of my fixing up my site for Valentine's day, there.  *points to lovely pic in the menu* I think that makes my opinion of this holiday pretty clear.  ;)
+ A few other minor tweaks here and there.

January 15, 2005
+ Sent adoptions out.  The muttlies are going like hot cakes!  Maybe I should hex a litter of girls to go with them?  Anyway, people, adopt more and I'll hex and breed more!

January 14, 2005
+ I hexed a litter of Muttlies!  Go adopt them.  I also added a few links, some more funny petz pics, and two new petz of mine.  I have an urge to start some random insane breeding projects, so..  possibly some weird stuff in the future.

January 8, 2005
+ Yes, a real update!  I hexed something!  Nothing spectacular, just some different colored Mohawks, but go grab 'em.  They're in the new clothes section of my downloads.  Put a little graphical banner thingy up at the top. Cute, no?  Also, I got my first show win in the PKC!!  (see the mini-ramble below).  I'll be tweaking my pet's pages a bit later, but that's about it for now.

January 3, 2005
+ Just a few minor tweaks.  Fixed a broken link, added a 800 x 600 friendly menu (see below)  and updated my great dane file to be even more realistic, go check it out!  I'll be working on hexing some more stuff soon, so check back for more junk.

January 1, 2005
+ The grand opening of Black Mist!  Woot!

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