Here are all the breeds that I have made.  Well, actually, all I've done so far is some very minor tweaking of existing breeds.  I had planned on making some breeds, but I kinda suck at hexing, and there are so many better hexers out there, so I pretty much gave up.  So these little things are all that's here for now.  Have a look if you wish.

Please Note:  None of these files are copyrighted.  You may do whatever you wish with them.  Alter them in any way you see fit.  All I ask is that you give me credit for creation of the original file, and a link back to my site.  Cuz taking credit for someone else's work is just not cool.

Disclaimer:  By downloading and installing any of these files you will have breached Ubi Soft's warranty and will no longer be eligible for technical support from them.  You download at your own risk.  Although these files work fine in my game, I can make no guarantees about their performance in your game.  I cannot be held responsible for any game crashes, spontaneous combustion, sudden summoning of demons, or other odd things these files might cause.  If you have any problems with any of these files, please contact me and I will try my best to fix it, however I make no promises.


Very Important Announcement About Unibreeds!

New research has discovered that the unibreed feature of LNZ Pro does not actually copy all the breed information, some tiny bits are left out.  For example, a unibreed Alley Cat will not have constant fleas and sickness, and won't stay skinny all the time.  “But Meer!” I hear you cry.  “Are you so sadistic that you want all our poor alleys to be miserably sick and covered in fleas all the time?”  No of course not!  I'm only sadistic towards my boyfriend.  ;)  Not toward cute kitties.  But you're missing my point.  The things missing from Alley Catz is just an example.  Other breeds are effected too, we just don't know all the effects.  But do you want to not have all the endearing quirks that each breed was intended to have?  I didn't think so!

Update (11/29):  Even newer research now has discovered exactly what is missing from Unibreeds.  Every breed has a list of traits.  Things like Intelligence, Playfulness, Acrobaticness, and even Insanity.  XD  Each breed has a set range for each of these traits.  For example Dalmatians have a high range set to Acrobaticness, that's why they are so good at catching frisbee.  And of course, Oshies a very low range set to Confidence, that's why they are scared all the time.  And there are many more personality traits that make up each breed, and each pet has a unique set number in each trait that can range from 0-100.  Giving each pet a unique personality.  But, with Unibreeds, a big chunk of these unique trait settings are all set to 30.  Making every pet from that file exactly the same, and does not have the unique set of trait ranges they were meant to have for their breed.  So this is why we are trying to get away from Unibreeds and start using just base breeds from each game.  If we can find a way in the future to make a type of Unibreed that keeps personality traits intact, we'll use them, but for now, we will just have separate breed files for each game.

So from now on, we will not be offering unibreeds here at Black Mist, but an individual download for each game version.  It's more work for me, but simple for you.  Just click the link for the game version you have.


All these files are zipped.  So you will need some sort of unzipping program to exact them with.  Like WinZip.  Or if you want something totally free and open source, get 7-Zip.

Now, on to the breeds!

Fuzzy Calico

It's a really fuzzy calico!  Yeah, it's just the normal cali with a lot of fuzz and a Maine Coon style poof tail.  Fun to breed with, or hex with if you want a short cut and don't wanna make the fuzz yourself.  It's very simple, but I had it sitting around so I thought I'd stick it here in case anyone wanted it.

This file will overwrite the original Calico file.

Download Fuzzy Calico:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Shirtless Chihuahua

Ever get annoyed by the Chihuahuas that come out of the adoption center wearing pink shirts?  It's a small thing, but you can't tell if they have a chest patch or not, and that can be a pain if you want chest patches for your breeding project or whatever.  So here is a version of the Chihuahua simply edited so that none of them will be wearing shirts when they come out of the adoption center.  I also fixed the tips of the ears on the brown Chihuahua, so they're not tan.

This file will overwrite the original Chihuahua file.

Download the Shirtless Chihuahua:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Plume Tail Papillon

Papillons are my favorite breed of dog.  But Ubisoft really fucked it up.  So I've tried to improve it.  There are much better hexed Papillon files out there.  But just in case some people like the more petzy look of the Ubisoft pappy but want one that's just a little bit better, I'm putting this file up for download.  I was planning on adding more variations, but I never got around to it.  Feel free to hex your own variations to your heart's content.

This version has a fuzzier head and ears, fuller, fuzzier ear feathering that looks a bit less like Cthulhu tentacles and more like actual fur, more feathering on the chest and belly, and, of course a tail that actually looks like a tail, not a puff ball on a stalk.  I also changed the textureless black areas to textured black.  (Why Ubi Soft used 244 instead of 35 is beyond me.)

This file is not accepted by any clubs.  I doubt anyone would want to show it but if you do feel free to put it up for acceptance, I don't mind.

This file will overwrite the original Papillon in P5, but will show up separately in P3 and P4.

Note:  The Papillon is an exception to the no unibreed rule, because it doesn't exist in Petz 3 and 4.  The most accurate way to have it in those games is with a unibreed, so that's the one you will be downloading for those games.  The Petz 5 version is the only one that is not a unibreed, based on the original breed file.

Download the Plume Tail Papillon:  Petz 3/4 / Petz 5

Real Colors Dane

I love the original Great Dane file.  Even with all the new realistic files out there now, I still prefer my big goofy petzy Danes.  But the colors did bug me.  So here is a slightly altered Dane file that includes only realistic colors.  It includes:  blue (115), light blue (25), and black (35)  with out masks.  Dark fawn (105) and light fawn (45) with black masks, and with or without black ears, or with black ears and a black tail tip.  And eye colors: 99, 93, 65, 100, 109, 105, 90, 50, 57, and 55.  All dogz adopted from this file should be PKC registerable, but some of the eye colors are faulted.

This file will overwrite the original Great Dane.

Download the Real Colors Great Dane:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Mutating Spots Alley

Alley Catz who's cream spots and markings mutate!  The default colors that come out of the AC are the same, but when you breed them the cream markings can mutate, so you can get any posible combanation of colors in markings and base color.  The ability to do this was discovered by Vickie of Vickie's Petz Zoo.

Update (11/29):  Great news for Alley lovers! Thanks to Shaina @ Kizmet, I know how to edit personality traits in breeds.  And I used her idea to make a "Mostly Flealess" Alley Cat file, and made my Mutating Spots file like that.  What that means is that most of the Alley Catz that come out of the Adoption Center will not have the permanent fleas and sickness that has plagued Alley Catz since the beginning.  However, a few will, it's a random chance.  But you can use the Brain Sliders to see if the Alley you have just taken out has perma-fleas and sickness, and if it does, just put it back and take out another.  Just like any time you are trying to find a pet with a specific trait.  And, the good news is, unlike Alleys that have had their perma-fleas altered after adoption, healthy Alleys from this file will pass on that quality to their offspring.  So you can breed a line of healthy, spot mutating Alley Catz!

All three game's files have been edited in this way, so re-download this file and enjoy your new healthy Alleys!

This file will overwrite the original Alley Cat.

Download the Mutating Spots Alley Cat:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Better Bunny

Better Bunny Version 2!

I thought the bunny could be cuter, and definitely could use better textures.  So I modified the bunny just a bit to make it better.  It's a better bunny!  Fluffier, rounder, cuter.  I threw in a few variations just for fun.  Although I mostly made this file for hexers to make their own hexed bunnies from a slightly better base.  But you can do whatever you want with this file.  It comes in two different sizes, with several eye colors and a few color variations.

Update:  I was never really satisfied with my first attempt at a better bunny, so I went at it again.  Many thanks to the people in the Duke's Group Discord channel who helped me make some changes, so now my bunny is better than ever!  Also, I fixed the personality traits to be as close to the original bunny as possible.  With just a few changes of my own.  Playfulness was at low, I made it high.  And Confidence was low of course, I made it medium just so the bunnies wouldn't be running around in a panic like Oshies all the time.  If you'd prefer different traits, you are free to change them!

This file is based on Carolyn's breedable bunny, so these bunnies can breed.  This file is best used just for adopting, breeding, and hexing.  When you are just playing with your bunnies you should switch back to the original bunny file so you can see the few special behaviors that bunnies have.  They have a cute little hop, and they like to graze in the “grass.”

Note:  This file will crash the game if you go to the back yard or fantasy castle and you have hosts enabled.  So disable hosts or avoid these playscenes until you switch back to the original bunny file.

This file will overwrite the original Bunny.

Download the Better Bunny:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5


Hosted Breeds

Not made by Meer

FMA Chimera

This strange creature is a chimera, a combination of two different beings melded into one by the power of alchemy.  Once a little girl named Nena and a dog named Alexander, now one twisted, tortured creature.  This breed is based on the "Nenalexander" chimera from the anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist.

I did not make this breed.  It was made by Badger, I am hosting it for her.  Badger has this to say about her breed:
For the FMA Chimera breed, it only has 2 mane variations, and I'm not sure if the mane mutates because it's [Fur Pattern Ballz].  But you can get body variations by breeding.

Download the FMA Chimera:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5


Munchkin Catz!  These are kitties with very short legs, giving them an extra dose of cuteness.  This file has been around for quite a while.  I did not make this breed.  I'm pretty sure it was made by Firebird of MK&C

This version of the file was not passing down it's colors correctly in 2nd gen, all the kittens were coming out white, no matter what color the parents were.  I volunteered to fix it.  And I did.  Turns out it was missing the [Fur Color Areas] section, I added that back in and it breeds fine!  Also, it had lots of color variations but they were each in a separate OW file.  So I added all the variations into one file so now it is easier to adopt lots of different kittens with just one file!

This file now has 15 body color variations (three of them are different calico variations) and 13 eye color variations which can come in any combination with the body color variations.  Not all variations are shown in the picture of course.  If you wanna see them all you'll have to download the file and try it out!

I am hosting this file right now without permission.  I am not trying to step on anyone's toes or claim this file as my own.  I just want to get this fixed and combined file that I put together out there, and this seemed like the easiest way to do that.  However, if anyone thinks that I shouldn't host this file on my site, or hosts it themselves and would like a copy of this file and would prefer they distribute it instead of me, just let me know!  I don't mind.  I just want people to be able to get this file, I don't care how they get it!  :)

Note:  This file overwrites the Calico.  There apparently used to be a non-OW version as well, but I don't know if it's still around.  I may make a non-OW version of my fixed and put together file as well, if there is any interest in it.  But for now I just wanted to get this OW version out there.

Download the Munchkin:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5


Um, that's all for now.  Maybe there will be more someday.