Want some stuff for your petz to wear?  I like to hex clothes, particularly punk and goth type stuff, but also some other random junk too.  So you might find something here you like.  I don't really hex many "clothes"  per say, more like accessories.  Animals wearing shirts and pants and such doesn't make much sense to me.  But I get a kick out of seeing a dog trot around my screen in a Mohawk and a tie, go figure.  Anyway, have a look around and grab some stuff if you like.  Everything will show up separately in the clothes closet, and will have it's own image in the closet so you can tell what it is.

I now have Petz versions 3, 4, and 5.  All my files are now available for all games!
Many thanks to Minibyte of Minibyte's Petz Archive for converting a lot of my files before I got P3 back.

Please Note:  None of these files are copyrighted.  You may do whatever you wish with them.  Alter them in any way you see fit.  All I ask is that you give me credit for creation of the original file, and a link back to my site.  Cuz taking credit for someone else's work is just not cool.

Disclaimer:  By downloading and installing any of these files you will have breached Ubi Soft's warranty and will no longer be eligible for technical support from them.  You download at your own risk.  Although these files work fine in my game, I can make no guarantees about their performance in your game.  I cannot be held responsible if these files don't work, if you suddenly turn into an elephant, or if your computer decides to say "I'm sorry Dave"  and kills you.  If you have any problems with any of these files, please contact me and I will try my best to fix it, however I make no promises.

All these files are zipped.  So you will need some sort of unzipping program to exact them with.  Like WinZip.  Or if you want something totally free and open source, get 7-Zip.

Rainbow Pack

Since I updated all my rainbow clothes to have better colors and be in the right order, I put them all together in one zip.  So you can download all the updated rainbow clothes at once.  They all match together and can be worn in any combination for a variety of cool rainbow-y looks!  XD

This pack includes:  Mohawk, spiked collar, two spiked bracelets, and tie, all in rainbow colors!

Rainbow Pack:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5


Ever get tired of having just a pink mohawk?  Do your petz want more variety when expressing their rebellious punk attitude?  Well now they can have lots of wild colors!  Here's a mohawk pack with a bunch of different colors.  Included are all the colors modeled by my sexy petters:  Green, Black and Gray, Red, Blue, Hot Pink, Rainbow, Purple, Black, and Purple striped.  They all show up separately in the closet and have their own sprites.

Note, the P4 and P3 purple striped mohawk's sprite is a bit screwy.  It's kinda ugly but at least you can tell it apart from the others.  It will look fine on your pet though.

Mohawks:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Spiked Collars

Spiked collars!  Everyone needs spiked collars.  Originally used to protect the vulnerable necks of fighting and guard dogs, spiked collars are now often used just because they look cool and bad ass.  Now your petz can look bad ass in spiked collars.  I made several variations of spiked collars. There is the classic black leather collar with metal spikes.  Then one made of shiny smooth leather, heh, I just made it texture-less so it shows up better on black dogs.  And one that has thinner spikes for you bad ass petz who want a sleeker, sharper look.  A solid metal one that's really bad ass. One with pink spikes for you petz who want the bad ass yet cute punk girl look.  And lastly a rainbow colored spiked collar for your petz who wanna be bad ass yet bright and colorful.  Or for your bad ass petz who wanna show their pride.  Enjoy!

Classic Spiked Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Smooth Spiked Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Thin Spiked Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Metal Spiked Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Pink Spiked Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Rainbow Spiked Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Studded Collars

Studded collars!  Just as sexy as spiked collars, but make for much less painful hugs.  ;)  We've got three different collars:  A classic black studded collar, a hot pink studded collar, and a cool collar with a mix of studs and spikes, cuz that just looks rad.

Black Studded Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Pink Studded Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Spiked and Studded Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Diamond Studded Collars

When your petz want to look sexy and stylish, we have collars studded with real diamonds!  (Hey, if you're gonna pretend your petz are wearing jeweled collars, you might as well go all out and pretend they're real diamonds.)  They come in a variety of colors to suit your fashion savvy pet's every mood!

Green Diamond Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Pink Diamond Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Blue Diamond Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Red Diamond Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Black Diamond Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Nameplate Collars

Nice leather collars with metal nameplates on the front.  Originally I made the silver one for my Hige, but any pet can enjoy the stylish nameplate collar.  And I made one with a gold plate too.

Silver Nameplate Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Gold Nameplate Collar:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5


No punk petz' wardrobe is complete without some ties!  Inspired by the adorable Billy Joe Armstrong (of Green Day), and pokings from Erindi (thank you for the idea!)  I hexed some ties for petz.  I made a couple different colors:  red, black, pink, white, striped and pokadot.  I may make more colors later, but these will do for a start.  Because they're actually attached to the chest, they will look different on some petz depending on the size of the chest.  For example they look really tiny on Alley Catz, and as you can see they look pretty big on poodles.  They look best on Great Danes and similarly shaped breeds.

**New!**  I made a rainbow tie!  Cuz Rat said to.  XD  Yah, ya can never have too much rainbow-y stuff around, ya know.

Red Tie:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Black Tie:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Pink Tie:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
White Tie:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Striped Tie:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Pokadot Tie:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
*NEW!* Rainbow Tie:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Spiked Bracelets

Hot spiky bracelets for you really bad ass petz!  Grey metal spikes to match the regular spiked collars, hot pink ones to match the pink collar, and Rainbow spiked bracelets to complement the rainbow collar and mohawk!  How rad is that?  There are two in each set, one for the left arm and one for the right, so you pet can wear one or the other, or both.

Metal Spiked Bracelets:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz5
Pink Spiked Bracelets:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Rainbow Spiked Bracelets: Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Studded Bracelets

Bracelets with metal studs to go with your studded collars.  Now that's kick ass.  They come in black and pink, just like the collars.

Black Studded Bracelets:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz5
Pink Studded Bracelets:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Cool Shades by Rat

Uber cool shades!  Much cooler than the ordinary sunglasses.  All your rad petz need them!  I didn't make these.  They were made by Rat of Stray Cat Strut.  I just made them show up separately and made a sprite for them.  Much thanks to Rat, cuz these rock.

Rat's Cool Shades:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5


Some fancy, dainty little crowns or tiaras for your high class royal petz!  If your petz think the regular crown is too bulky and masculine for them, these dainty feminine tiaras are the perfect look.  They come in silver or gold.  Perfect for everyone from the queen to the winner of the pageant.

These tiaras have internal textures, so you don't need any extra files to mess with.  The textures were made by Vickie of Vickie's Petz Zoo.  Thank you Vickie for letting your textures be free to use!

Gold Tiara:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5
Silver Tiara:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Bow Ties

Bow ties for your classy boy petz to wear!  Well the girls can wear them too if they want, why not?  But when you need something to wear to a really fancy formal gathering, Black Mist has you covered with these sleek ties in a variety of colors for all occasions.  There are eight colors:  black, grey, red, blue, red plaid, blue plaid, red polka-dot, and wizard texture.  I may add more colors and textures later.

These bow ties are based on the chest, so they will be bigger on some petz and smaller on others based on their chest size, but on most petz they should look okay.  The blue plaid and red polka-dot ties have internal textures.

I was feeling too lazy to make individual downloads for each bow tie, so you can just download all of them at once and extract the ones you want.

Bow Tie Pack:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves for your petz!  Why didn't I think of this before?  So simple yet so necessary for a good goth or punk look.  So here is the newest cool accessory to come out of Black Mist, a variety of fingerless gloves your petz can wear, even mix and match if they want!

Right now the fingerless gloves come in:  Black, Red, Blue, Hot Pink, Grey Stripe, Hot Pink Stripe, Rainbow, Dark Wizard.  Maybe more colors will come in the future.  I may even make limited addition colors or textures for PUGS, so keep a look out!

You can download all the colors in one pack.  Then put them all in your game or just pick out your favorites.

Fingerless Gloves Pack:  Petz 3 / Petz 4 / Petz 5

Oi motherfuckin vay!