The Cold Wind Pack

Manen Wolves, Lynxes, and other fantasy wild critters


I have fallen in love with all these new fantasy hexed breeds.  I just can't help but have a bunch of them.  So here is my first pack.  Predominantly Manen wolves, there are also other species in the pack as well.

Most wolves prefer order and a strict hierarchy.  But not the Cold Wind pack. They tend to be rather chaotic and disorderly.  They often pick up new members randomly as they go and the ranks are a bit informal and not strictly enforced.  Many wolves would be extremely uneasy with such a lack of stability, but this rag tag group seems to thrive in it.

These are my personal petz and are not for adoption.


Marra - Alpha Female

Marra is the leader of the pack.  She is generally very calm and gentle.  But She knows when to put her foot down and be authoritative.  These qualities make her an excellent leader, which she needs to be to keep this disorderly pack under control.  The others genuinely respect her and she seems to exude an ora of reassurance and calm that keeps this pack made up of so many conflicting personalities from self-destructing.

Narrok - Alpha Male

You may wonder how a silver wearer got to be the alpha male.  It's simple: Marra fell in love with him.  When they first met Narrok was quite content to be a loner.  But he was so taken with Marra that he was willing to give up his solitude to forever be at her side.  The others were understandably wary of accepting this lone stranger as their alpha, but Marra insisted, and gradually they came to accept him.  Narrok is a bit uncomfortable in a position of authority, and is happy to defer to Marra.  She is the pack's true leader.

Trysa - Beta Female

Trysa is fiercely devoted to Marra and has been with her ever since they were juveniles and set out on their own.  She is very protective of the pack and would defend the others to the death.  Although when there is no danger around she is very playful and easy going.  How quickly she can shift from being as playful and silly as a puppy to a ruthless fighter when the pack is threatened is startling.

Anyu - Beta Male

Anyu was run off from his Anubite pack when he was very young.  He was considered useless and a danger to the pack because his white coloring made him stand out.  Three of the pack's strongest fighters set out to kill him, but he managed to fend them off until he was able to get far enough away from the pack's territory that they gave up chasing him.  He still bears the scar of that fight on his shoulder.  Trysa and Marra first took him in out of pity, but soon discovered that with his superb fighting skills he was an extremely valuable asset to the pack.  Trysa has grown quite fond of him.

Syrin - Gamma Female

Syrin is a very odd wolf.  She just wandered into the pack's territory one day and wouldn't go away.  No one knows how she lost her leg, or really much about her at all.  The others refer to her, not unkindly, as "that crazy mystic." She is often seen wondering around aimlessly mumbling to herself, or chanting, apparently in some sort of trance.  She claims to know a lot about spirits and is constantly spouting inscrutable advice like "we shouldn't stay here, there is an angry spirit trapped in that tree." or "the hunting will be good here because a spirit of the hunt resides here." But some of her so-called healing chants actually seem to help injuries, so her eccentricities are tolerated.

Ahsha - Delta Female

One day Trysa just came back from a scouting expedition with a young lynx with her and announced that she should be allowed to join the pack.  Marra was a bit unsure about that idea a first.  But she trusts Trysa and knew she liked lynxes because the pack she was born into was a mix of wolves and lynxes so she allowed Ahsha to stay on a trial basis.  Ahsha soon proved herself to be an excellent hunter, even compared to the larger wolves, and so her membership in the pack became permanent.  She generally gets along well with everyone, in spite of her somewhat reserved and elusive nature. Ahsha seems to understand Syrin better than anyone else.  Although the others sometimes aren't sure whether that's a good thing or not.

Xephy - Omega Male

A winged fox in a manen wolf pack!?  Well, yes.  Xephy just showed up one day and wouldn't go away, much like Syrin.  The difference is the pack made an actual effort to get rid of Xephy, but he just wouldn't leave.  No matter how far they chased him, he just came right back, and not even the winged wolves could catch him.  His great speed, agility and stamina gave him the advantage over the larger, slower wolves.  Xephy delighted in taking advantage of that in teasing and provoking the pack, and just generally making a nuisance of himself.  But they just couldn't get rid of him, so eventually they gave up and let him stay.  Soon however, they realized that with his ability to travel fast and great distances at a time, and his ability to avoid danger, he was the perfect scout.  So the wolves insist that is the only reason they let him stay, they will never admit that they were outwitted by a fox, or that they find his silly antics amusing.  ;)

Demon - Male (no rank)

Demon isn't an official member of the pack, but he is often seen hanging around in the pack's territory.  Nobody knows who he is or where he came from, or even if he is alive or some sort of spirit or ghost.  Not even Syrin has any idea.  The others refer to him simply as 'Demon.' They only catch occasional glimpses of him.  So far he hasn't done anything threatening, but the pack is wary of him and is afraid to confront him.

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