A Strange Love Affair

Doubletalk + Stain + Bite


Warning:  The following is extremely funny, but only if you are sick and perverted, and have a strange sense of humor, like me.

I love to watch my two favorite hexie danes play together, they're so cute.  But I seem to get a lot of very questionable pictures of them.  And they get along so well, if I didn't know better I'd say they really are in love!  Because I am very bored and very twisted, I've stuck all these pictures here and I'm going to subject you to them!  I swear I haven't edited these pictures in any way, my petz really are this naughty.  ;)

Update:  Thanks to a wonderful new tool for petz, (Petza, which you can get here) You can now have more than two petz out at a time.  So, the love affair of Doubletalk and Stain has become a threesome with the addition of Bite!  Mmmm, a M/M/F threesome, my favorite kind!
(Newest pics at the bottom)


Doubletalk, isn't Stain a bit young for you yet?

Well, he seems to enjoy it...

Awww, don't they look so sweet?

How adorable, they're sleeping together.

I think Doubletalk's fallen hard for the little guy.

Even little guys get to be seme sometimes.

"Your not tired already are you?  Don't you wanna go again?" (oi, the young ones are insatiable!)

Yeah, give it too him, Stain.

They do this all the time... *rolls eyes*

"Don't you dare touch my boy!"

Doubletalk's turn to be seme.

They seem to be... enjoying themselves.  *wonders about the toys laying about* >.>

Making him beg for it now, eh Stain?  (What is he planing to do with the tug-o-war toy!?)

Mounting from a flying leap?? O.o

Has Stain been a bad boy?  (They like to switch off playing dom and sub don't they?)

"What are you doing back there?!?!"  It seems Stain is a still little unsure about the really kinky stuff...

Mmmmm.... Yummy!

Awww, how cute, she likes (and licks) him.

Guys!  Right in front of the puppy??  ...Well, it seems she likes to watch.

"Okay guys, now kiss, and make it yummy!"  Looks like she's got them well trained already.

Awww, Stain feeling left out?

Bite can fly!  ....That should make things interesting....

Now everybody stare at each other's ass!

I'm not sure what they're doing, but Doubletalk seems to enjoy the view.

Bite gets an eye-full!  (what is she gonna do with that bone??)

A new meaning to the phrase dog pile.

There's nothing quite like live entertainment.

Um... *tilts head left, then right* I'm not sure who's doing what, or what the pumpkin has to do with it...

Hmm, all in a line.

Stain and Bite playing hard to get?

Bite says:  "Okay, who's tongue is where?!"

Guys make the funniest faces when they're... eh-hem...

Stain has been a bad boy!  Bite looks like she's contemplating what evil thing to do to him next.

The fruit of all this mad love, Closer!  They're pretty sure Stain is the actual biological father, but that doesn't matter.  They're all one big happy family.  Awwww.

Doubletalk, Bite, and Stain's Polyamory Stamp

What are you doing with that wand Harry?!