A Clique for Hybrid Petz Lovers


Yes, everybody and their grandmother had a clique back in the day.  Remember that?  And then Meer went and made one too!  Okay shuddup!  It's fun, so what?  But my clique is the best, cuz it's for hybrids!

What the fuck?  You say.  Well let me 'splain...  No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.

hy·brid·ize:  verb.  To breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties.

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid is a mix of two different things, such as a hybrid car, which can run on both gas and electric.  In terms of biology, a hybrid is the offspring of two different species.  For example, a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey, and a liger is a cross between a tiger and a lion.  Hybrids are often sterile (unable to reproduce), but not always.  Of course only closely related species can interbreed; usually they are in the same genus.  Hybrids can occur naturally if two similar species live in the same area, and many hybrids are purposefully bred by humans.

Okay, so what's a hybrid in terms of petz?

In petz, we are not limited by what is possible in real life.  Because all breeds are either catz or dogz; they are just hexed to look like different species.  But as far as the game is concerned, they are still catz and dogz.  Catz and dogz can not interbreed, but any cat based breeds can interbreed with each other, and any dog based breeds can.  This can create some very strange creatures, we can cross an elephant with a snake, something that could never happen IRL!  We are also not limited to only real animals, since we have a plethora of fantasy and made up breeds as well.  We can cross unicorns, dragons, flying wolves, and all manner of strange beasts!

What is a hybrid and what isn't?

A hybrid is a cross between two different species, but not two different breeds.  For example if you breed a Chihuahua with a German shepherd, the result may be weird looking, but it's not a hybrid, it's just a mixed breed dog. All dog breeds are the same species, and so are all breeds of cat.

If you breed two different wolf files together, say the Chaos Wolf and the Manen Wolf, that is a hybrid, though.  Because even though they are both wolves, they are different species of wolves.

Of course this is just my idea of what qualifies as a petz hybrid.  Not like I have any real authority or anything.  But this is my clique so. . . Nyah.  ;)

Breeding Hybrids

Breeding hybrids in Petz can be quite fun, and quite challenging.  The many hexed breeds out there have greatly expanded the breeding possibilities with petz.  By not limiting ourselves to what is sane and logical, we can breed all sorts of crazy creatures.  With so many different kinds of breeds, you never know what strange things you'll get.

Because hexed breeds can have such drastically altered shapes, the results of crosses are often surprising, and it can be very challenging to get something that looks cool.  There are many odd effects that can happen with hybrid breeding, and these can happen with normal dog and cat breeding as well, when using hexed breeds with different shapes.

If you breed a pet with angled legs to one without angled legs, you can get offspring with "wonky legs" where the feet are in the position of one parent, but the legs are in a different position.  With many breeds that have add ball tails, the tail inherits with the butt, so you can get a pet with two tails, or no tail at all.  This same thing can happen with ears and wings.  You could even get a pet that is missing a head or a body, if one of the breeds had those parts omitted and replaced with addballs.  Sometimes you can get body parts that are vastly out of proportion or position to one another.

There are lots of weird things that can happen in breeding hybrids.  Sometimes these strange features can look cool; sometimes they're really ugly and scary looking.  But they're never boring, ordinary petz!  So breed some hybrids today!


So, if you're a lover of these strange and unusual creatures who break the mold of normal petz, then join the clique and hybridize!

To join, just read the rules, fill out the form, and send it in.  Then take a button and show everyone you love hybrids!


The Form:

Only your name is required.  Obviously put your site if you have one.  Or you can use your Facebook profile, blog, or any place like that.  Whatever you consider your main online presence.
Favorite hybrid is just a bit of fun.  If you have one, you can list its name and breeds.  Or you could list your favorite type of hybrid.  Only one though, please, or the list would get too cluttered.

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If any of your info has changed, you can contact me, tell me your old info, and your new info, and I will update it on the list for you, no problem!



NameSiteFavorite Hybrid
MeerBlack Mist CritteryAbhor, Anubite/Carolyn's Cerberus Dane OW
Rat - Anything with Gargoyle in it
ChloeThe Forbidden ForestHead, Chromatic Dragon/Dada
GingaGNG KennelsAnything
LeslieThe Forbidden ForestVPZ Wolf/Winged Fox
ChelsieDyskrasiaAkclep, anything that looks freaky/scaryashell/cool
KcCrystal - Gargole/Bagherst
AnaPetz Of The SunAll of them
Evilspirit - Anubite/African Wild Dog
EdenCocoa Sushianything with Astrocus. Lung, or anything else crazy
Ana Mizuki - Despair/Anubite
ChloeDragonwolf's Kennels and CatteryKraken, Anubite/Winged Fox/Wyvern
GetyTHE Zone -
Silver - Any Anubite crosses
Saikune - An elephant unicorn cross
Sara - -
Pizzy - Pseudodragon/Nausicaa Squirrel/Scarecrow
DreempupPintac Cattery -
Scarlo-hara - Madge, my anthro-hyena/werewolf mix, tied with Madge(yes I use the name twice) my lepitaur/manen lynx hybrid
Emofinland - Finnish Reindeer Herder/Manen Wolf
Pluschie - Anything with Wings
AslyBitter Sweetleopard/raven/horse
Akmu - Diwi/anubite
Shade@NSPNightshade's PetzBig Catz
Spiderberry - Diablo, an Archond, Deer, Puppybonez mix
SkiddoGoatzy Petz and ThingzAnything not a goat x a goat
KillerTwister The Alley WayCabbits! Loverabbits too, and Kitsunes
versidueversidue"fuzzcrabs" - alley cat/headcrab hybrids