Flee From Black Mist


Linkies!  Yeah, there are lots of cool sites out there, much better than mine.  So go visit them, cuz they're cool.  Now!

It is now ten years later and all the petz sites I knew are dead, and I am out of the loop of what is going on with the PC.  If I find any active sites I like I will add them here as I find them.


My Twisted Sisters and Wicked Brothers

This section is dedicated to the memory of my sister and brother sites.  If any of them are/come back, I will add their links.  For now skip to the next section.

- Kitty @ Devilish | Krista @ 360° | Chi @ Droolworthy | Jaser @ Mouse -
- Rat @ Stray Cat Strut | Angela @ Toe Socks | Spike @ Asphodel -


Clubs, Forums and Such

The Petz Kennel Club

Whiskerwick Forum

RKC Petz Forum

Duke's Group Forum

Seeing Stars Forum

The Flea Market


Gone But Not Forgotten :(

The Petz Comunity Gathering Forum


Awesome Sites

Vickie's Petz Zoo Research (via The Wayback Machine) Center
VPZ is no longer updated, but it still has lots of kick ass breeds to add to your game.  Note: This site is now dead, but you can find all of VPZ's files here.

Mythic Silence: Malevolent
This site has A LOT of toys, playscenes, clothes, and breeds.  Much more and better than I have!  Go check it out now!

Lots of toys, clothes, playscenes, and different critters to replace your mice in the game!

A beautiful site with lots of goodies!

PDH's Resources
Breeds, toys, clothes, textures, and more!  Also has Babiez stuff, if you're into that.

A very pretty site with lots of good resources: playscenes, carry case skins, and lots of creative things to help you hex and breed.

Vampyre Downloads
Lots of great toys, clothes, and more!

Waverly Academy
Pinto's awesome hexing resource site with lots of useful tidbits and files!

Lots of good things on this site, like old school breed files you can't find elsewhere, and the P5 breed files made unibreed so P3/4 users can have them, along with some fixes to some of those breeds since Ubi Soft really dropped the ball when they acquired the game.  Aww, it even includes my fixes to the papillon file!!  ^___^  Also some other fixes to the original breeds and useful tools like a posing guide, and more!

Litterz Factory
A great site with lots of stuff on it.  Including standards for the famous selective breeds we all know and love that were created a long time ago.  Get a hit of nostalgia today!

A great recourse for breeding, this site has lots of info on Petz genetics.

A beautiful site with some great breeds, playscenes and toys, and some really amazing hexies!

Filthy Hippie
A really awesome little site with great stuff!

Cargo has great things, you really should check it out and see!  There are some really stunning petz there, as well as really great breeds and amazing textures to download and use!

And The Rest
A classically kickass little site!  You should visit it naow!

Corrupted Kibbles
LOL I love Barguestspirit's sense of humor!  If you like my site, you will love this one!  Check it out right now, or else!

OMG Mako!  I love Mako and they have some of the most kick ass petz ever!  (and I'm not just saying that cuz Mako has a bunch of petz from me, seriously!)  You must go and drool over Mako's great petz and amazing hexed things and kick ass hybrids now!

Versidue's Petz Site
Versidue is an awesome person who loves to breed hybrids, you need to check out their petz, they are wild!

Faepetz ~ Faewolf's Petz Archive
A wonderful site that has lots of old breed files that would otherwise be lost to the community!  If you need some breeds and can't find them, check here first!

Defenestrate your friend today!