Morda Forell

The Forest of Death


Deep in the forgotten lands, far from any civilization, there is a vast forest, known as Morda Forell.  In the ancient tongue morda forell means "forest of death."  Very few still know the ancient tongue, but the forest of death is legendary.  Not many would enter the forest or the mountains that lay beyond it, and of those who do, fewer still come out alive.
(I don't have information on all the creatures, nor do I have them all up yet.  But I'm working on it.  This is a work in progress and some bits are incomplete.)


The Unicorns of Morda Forell

Those who think unicorns are all rainbows and magic, gentle, peaceful creatures frolicking though meadows filled with butterflies, have obviously never met the unicorns of Morda Forell.  But that's not surprising, since few who have encountered one live to tell about it.

The Morda Forell unicorns are vicious, violent creatures that stalk the dark shadows of the forest.  They kill anything weaker than themselves, including their own kind.  They don't live in a pack so much, as a loose band spread though the forest, sometimes having little contact with each other.  There is no real hierarchy, except for the leader, and not much order or structure in their society.  They simply do whatever they want.  The stronger ones dominate and force their will on the weaker ones, and it's pretty much every unicorn for himself.  Although the leader does have some control over the others, and they will band together and cooperate against a common enemy.

That enemy is most often the dragons.  The Unicorns control the forest, and the dragons control the mountains that lie just at the western border.  The two groups are at constant war with each other.

Drakbane - Alpha Male

Since the unicorns and dragons are mortal enemies, you would think that a unicorn/dragon hybrid would be shunned by the unicorns and not allowed to live among them, let allow rise to a position of power.  But Drakbane is different.  He was born a pure unicorn.  When he was still a young adolescent he took on a dragon, and won.  With the dragon lying prone and near death at his feet, instead of finishing it off, Drakbane used powerful sorcery to meld the dragon's body with his own, absorbing it's power and strength.  This made him the most powerful unicorn in Morda Forell, and he quickly took command of the herd.  The name Drakbane is a little too convenient, and it's probably an affectation, a name he gave himself after the infamous battle.  But Drakbane insists he was given the name at birth, because as he clams, he is destined to lead the unicorns to defeat the dragons.

Ahkalan - Male
(Adopted from Atara @ D.V.S.)

Barsumi - Male
(Adopted from Atara @ D.V.S.)

Dornamytha - Male
(Adopted from Atara @ D.V.S.)

Ahkalan, Barsumi, and Dornamytha are the three strongest of the unicorn warriors. They are fiercely loyal to Drakbane. They wonder though the forest enforcing his will. They keep the other unicorns in line and lead attacks on the dragons.

Daggerhorn - Male

Daggerhorn is very skilled at fighting with his horn.  He also has great hearing because of his large ears.

Palidin - Male

Palidin is a strong fighter.  He is not very fast, but he makes up for speed with his brute strength.  A kick from his powerful back legs can be devastating.  And he does love to fight.  He is always ready to defend the other unicorns from the dragons.

Deathmask - Male

Peering out from the shadows of the dark forest, his white face and pale eyes look like the vary face of death, which is how Deathmask got his name.

Burnglow - Female

Burnglow has excellent eyesight, and she spends a lot of time with Duststorm.  It is rare for a Morda Forell unicorn to show compassion for another, but for some reason Burnglow actually helps Duststorm, instead of taking advantage of his weakness.  Perhaps she has ulterior motives?

Duststorm - Male

Duststorm can not see very well at all.  Although he is a strong fighter, his poor eyes put him at a disadvantage to others.  But Duststorm manages to hold his own with the help of Burnglow, who is often by his side.

Ebonhorn - Male

Ebonhorn is strong and aggressive.  His glowing bright eyes set off by his dark coat are very intimidating.  Most of the other unicorns try to stay out of his way.

Hoofbeat - Male

Hoofbeat... I don't know, I'm still thinking about him.

Steelkick - Male

Steelkick likes males.  He likes them young and unwilling.  He is completely uninterested in a willing partner, he only likes to take.  Naturally this makes him very unpopular with the other unicorns.  He wisely stays away from the older, stronger unicorns (they aren't his type anyway), but when he catches a young male alone, he overpowers them and has his way with them.

Ironhoof - Male

Ironhoof is Steelkick's half brother, but he doesn't want much to do with his sibling.  He dislikes Steelkick's behavior, and generally tries to avoid him.

Seins - Female

Seins is a hybrid; this is clearly seen by her feet, which are paws ending in large claws, not hooves.  While most of the unicorns use their hooves as powerful weapons to kick and beat their opponents, Seins has claws to scratch and tear at them.  She used this to her advantage since it gives her a different fighting style.

Bound - Male

Bound is young and not very strong.  He is picked on a lot by the older unicorns.  He is most often the target for Steelkick.  Much to his dismay, he seems to be Steelkick's favorite.  Bound spends most of his time hiding in the darkest corner of the forest he can find.

Reik - Male Borderguard

Reik is the leader of the borderguard, a small group of unicorn hybrids who patrol the edges of the forest, looking out for any intruders, especially dragons.  They all have large spikes on their backs.  This makes them very intimidating to strangers, and makes it difficult for dragons to attack them from above.  This makes them well suited to their job.  Reik is the strongest and the others obey and respect him.

Morsis - Female Borderguard

Morsis is Reik's half sister, and the two of them work closely together.  Morsis's dark and dappled color lets her hide well at the edge of the forest and mountains, and she uses flicks of her bright red tail to signal the others of approaching danger.

Manyspikes - Female Borderguard

Manyspikes is very fast, and makes an excellent borderguard.  Even though her light coloring makes her stand out, she can run fast enough to avoid danger.

Slashback - Male

Slashback is so called not because he has slashing spikes on his back, but because of his style of fighting with his horn.  He will thrust forward, then pull back, often inflicting long slashes in his opponent.  He also has strong claws on his feet, instead of hooves.

Wild-dreams-o-blood - Male
From Atara @ D.V.S.

Wild-dreams-o-blood is feared by all the other unicorns, even the most powerful.  For Wild-dreams-o-blood is a vampire unicorn.  He preys on any creature and other unicorns and drinks their blood.

Phantomstranger - Male

Not much is known about Phantomstranger, he wonders though the forest, rarely seen by any of the others.  He is perhaps the most peaceful unicorn in the forest.  Nobody really knows him, or understands anything about him.

Clawkick - Female Scout

The hybrids with wings are the scouts, flying far beyond the forest's borders and reporting back what they have seen.  They often spy on the dragons.  Clawkick has powerful claws instead of hooves; she kicks with her back feet, inflicting great damage with her claws.

Swiftblood - Female Scout

Swiftblood is an excellent scout because she is so fast, both in the air and on the ground.  She is also a quick fighter, moving faster than her opponent to quickly draw the first blood.

Scullle - Female

Scullle is not really a part of the herd, and she's not actually a unicorn.  She's really a gargoyle.  She resembles a unicorn, but gargoyles can be virtually any shape, and resemble many creatures.  Although it's possible she may have some unicorn blood in her.  She lives in the rocky foothills near the edge of the forest.  She keeps mostly to herself and stays out of the unicorns' way.  The unicorns don't see her as a threat, so they leave her alone.


The Drak

The dragons who live in the mountains beyond Morda Forell are ancient enemies of the unicorns.  They constantly attack each other and fight for control of the other's territory.  The dragons call themselves simply, The Drak.
(I haven't thought up all the information on the dragons yet, but I'll write it as it comes to me and add more dragons too.)

Darkflight - Female

Flamebite - Male

Icesnape - Female

Jagwing - Male

Nark - Male

Skystalk - Female

Sinkclaw - Female

Himori - Female

Moonscream - Male

(Moonscream is an exercise in pet file hexing.  His shape and color is all natural, but I added horns, spikes, and fangs.  Just because I thought it'd be fun and different, and because pet file hexing is challenging.  So Moonscream is unique.)


Other Creatures of Morda Forell

The Demon Gliders

Climbing and gliding though the trees of a forest you expect to see cute little furry creatures, but not in Morda Forell.  Here you will find the Demon Gliders:  Wicked little creatures with nasty dispositions.  The Demon Gliders fancy themselves the evilest creatures in the forest, and they give themselves impressively evil sounding names.  They talk big and will gang up to attack an unsuspecting creature, but they're smart enough to stay out of the way of unicorns and dragons.

Chaos-n-Doom - Male
(Adopted from Atara @ D.V.S.)

Demoness-o-Chaos - Female
(Adopted from Atara @ D.V.S.)

Demon-of-the-Mist - Male
(Adopted from Atara @ D.V.S.)

Gem-o-the-Demons - Female
(Adopted from Atara @ D.V.S.)

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