Packless Wanderers


Here are various lone wanderers or small nomadic groups that aren't really a pack.  They travel endlessly, rarely settling in one area and must struggle to survive and avoid being attacked by packs who's territory they may trespass on.  Some of these wanderers may eventually join up with other packs, or form their own pack.  Or they may forever remain loners and outcasts, either by choice or bad fortune.
Small groups that are traveling together are grouped together and separated by dividers.


Akakan - Female

Though Akakan wears the adornments of an Achihond, she is nothing like those angelic creatures.  Some say that she killed an Achihond and stole it's jewelry, others clam that Akakan is part Achihond and was given the necklace and bracelet by her family, others say it's both and she killed her own kin.  But Akakan says nothing on the matter.  She keeps to herself and doesn't want much to do with anyone else.


Arki - Male

Arki is a young Anubite who was once heir to the throne a large and prestigious pack.  But when his father was killed suddenly while on a hunting party, Arki's cousin overthrew him, attacking him and banishing him from the pack's territory.  Arki is now completely alone in a strange land.  After being pampered and taken care of by others all his life, Arki is finding it very hard to survive on his own.
(Arki is actually his nick name, his full name should be something suitably long and impressive and Egyptian sounding, but I haven't been able to think of anything, so for now he's just Arki)


Fimmi - (sorta) Alpha Female

A small group of young Achihonds got separated from their pack in a huge avalanche that accrued on the artic mountains where they lived.  The small group ended up stranded very far from the lands they were familiar with.  Even though most of them have wings, they cannot seem to find their way home and are hopelessly lost.  Fimmi and Moltin are the oldest, although they are only adolescents, and the younger pups look to them to know what to do.  Fimmi is very kind and gentle, and although she is inexperienced and scared herself, she is trying her best to care for the others.

Moltin - (sorta) Alpha Male

Despite his fiery fierce appearance, Moltin is a very gentle soul.  And although it's against his nature, he is trying to be tough and strong to protect his small band of orphans and lead them to somewhere they can live and be safe.  Inside he is very scared and unsure of himself, like Fimmi, but he hides this and tries to act confident for the sake of the others.

Sillin - Male

Sillin is very quite, very shy, and very infatuated with Moltin.  He sees Moltin as a hero because he has so bravely taken charge of the group, and because during the avalanche he saved Whisp's life, as she couldn't fly to safety.  Sillin spends a lot of time around Moltin, and he tries to be brave like him, but he can't help but be frightened in this strange new situation.  Although Sillin has a huge crush on Moltin, he can't tell him how he feels because he is too shy.  He is terrified that Moltin would reject him.

Whisp - Female

Whisp is the youngest of the group; she was just barely weaned before the avalanche.  She is also the only one without wings.  This means she tends to fall behind a lot, but Fimmi and Moltin make sure she is never left behind, and take turns carrying her on their backs when they fly.  Whisp has latched on to Fimmi as a sort of surrogate mother.  She is very freighted and takes great reassurance from the older dog.

Foxflame - Male

Foxflame wasn't part of the original group, but they found him along the way.  He was orphaned when his pack was attacked and killed by "monsters." Foxflame is unable to elaborate much further on what exactly killed his family, they could have been any of the many aggressive species that live in the area, or perhaps they were hybrids.  Foxflame was very frightened and doesn't like to talk about it.  The kindhearted Achihonds couldn't turn away a fellow lost pup, so of course they took him in.  Despite his ordeal, Foxflame is very lighthearted and playful.  He keeps the others' spirits up with his silly antics.

(I'm sure I could write a really cute little story about these guys, if I could write worth crap)


Lerk - Male
(Adopted from Stisis)

Lerk is quite silly and very clumsy.  To some he may seem a bit dense, but he's not, he is just a bit scatter brained and doesn't pay much attention to things that worry others.  He just goes along daydreaming and acting silly.  He doesn't even seem concerned that he doesn't have a pack and is wandering through dangerous lands.


Flamepaw - Male

Flamepaw has a very unusual ability; he can catch things on fire by touching his glowing red paw pads to flammable objects.  Unfortunately he doesn't have much control over this talent.  Sometimes he may try to start a fire, and nothing will happen, other times he may set things aflame without meaning too.  This is why Flamepaw left his pack.  He accidentally started a grass fire, which injured several members of his pack.  Luckily no one was killed, but Flamepaw felt so horrible and ashamed that he ran away.  Even though most of his pack had tried to be supportive of him.  Although there were a few that outwardly disliked him and thought he should be banished.  Flamepaw was tired of everyone fearing him, even when they tried to hide it, and he was terrified of hurting those he cared about.  The grass fire was the worst incident that finally sent him over the edge and caused him to leave.  Now he wanders alone, struggling to control his power, flying as much as he can and trying to travel only in wet areas or on bare rock when he must land.  He resists anyone's attempt to help him for fear he will hurt them, and although he is very lonely, he has vowed to never make friends with anyone, as he will only end up hurting, or even killing, anyone he loves.


Sin - Female
(Sin and her pups were a gift from Dian @ Never Be Sane, thank you!)

Sin is very headstrong and independent, which is why at a young age she decided to leave her pack and strike out on her own, even though she was inexperienced, and pregnant no less!  But she didn't care how dangerous or hard it would be, she wanted to explore and adventure on her own.  As well as her traditional Manen jewelry, Sin also wears a spiked collar, because she thinks it makes her look bad ass, which it does.  But Sin's flippant bad girl attitude got her into trouble when she came across a wondering Diwe mystic and managed to piss him off.  So he cursed her so her pups would be born deformed.  When her pups came they were in fact not normal, each one was missing their left front paw and part of their leg.  But since that was their only malady and they were otherwise perfectly healthy, Sin must have been either very lucky, or her spirit very strong to resist the curse.  And her pups have inherited her strong will and they are doing just fine with three legs.

Krill and Krin
Krill - Male
Krin - Male

Krill and Krin are twins, but they are not identical.  The differences are subtle, but they get annoyed when anyone can't tell them apart.  Krill and Krin are always together, and they are a lot closer to each other than to their sister, who is much more independent.  But they are very mischievous and are always getting into trouble.  They like to play tricks on their mother and sister, and they back each other so Sin and Nimi never know who to blame.

Nimi - Female

Nimi's curse has somehow given her an unusual power.  She was born with a set of disembodied claws that float below her missing leg, right where they would be if she had a foot there, but they are not physically attached to her body.  She can sometimes project them out, farther than she would be able to if they were attached to a foot, to attack an enemy.  This has proven very helpful in defending herself and her family.  Nimi's personality is very much like her mother's.  She is headstrong and independent, and likes to wander off on her own, much more so than her brothers.
(Her claws aren't actually visible as a puppy, they grow in when she's an adult, but for the purpose of my story type thing here, I'm gonna say she was born with them.)


Jek - Female
(Adopted from DarkFire Petz)

Jek doesn't take shit from anyone.  She's very defiant and willful.  Which is why she's on her own.  She can't stand to be subordinate to anyone and she has no respect at all for authority.  She does what she pleases and doesn't care what anyone else might think.  She's not very feminine either, and she has no use for males.  She has no use for anyone really, she enjoys being completely on her own.

Meya - Female

When Meya first met Jek, Jek hated her.  But Meya just kept trying to make friends.  Meya may look sweet and gentle on the outside (which is what first put Jek off), but she has a tough core, and she is very stubborn.  When Meya sees something she wants she doesn't give up until she gets it.  She saw something in Jek that no one else did, and she was determined to bring that side of the tough and withdrawn Jek out.  Meya's relentlessness finally won Jek over, and she found a softer, trusting side of herself she never new existed.  Now the two of them are inseparable and deeply in love.
(Meya is so cool because she has an alley attitude but a chinchilla Persian voice.  How cute is that? I admit I hexed her pet file a bit, but who cares?  She's awesome.)

Jek and Meya's Lesbian Stamp

Triely, Tomka, and Vee
Triely, Tomka, and Vee - All Females

The daughters of Jek and Meya. There will be a story about how Jek and Meya were able to have babies together, when I get around to writing it.


Murkrowl - Male

Murkrowl is a renowned thief and feared by all wanderers who don't have the protection of a strong pack.  He sneaks around in the dark to pillage the unsuspecting.  He is rarely seen, and most of what's known about him is just rumors, for Murkrowl leads a very secretive life in shadows.  If something of value suddenly goes missing, and no one saw anything and no one was attacked, then it's blamed on Murkrowl, and he probably did do it.
(The second part of his name, the rowl part, is supposed to be pronounced like a cat growl, ya know what I mean?  But I wasn't sure how to spell that.  x.x)

Neri - Male

Murkrowl once tried to rob a young lone lynx, but said young lynx was not the easy target he at first appeared to be, and Murkrowl not only failed to acquire any valuable Manen jewelry, he also got the crap beat out of him.  That is now Neri and Murkrowl met.  Since then they have been inseparable.  Although they are often quarrelling, they have a strong bond that goes even deeper than either of them will admit.  Neri is not quite as an accomplished thief as Murkrowl, but he is learning from the best.  Together they cause quite a lot of trouble.


Xentra - Female

Xentra's beauty is legendary.  Males fall to their knees helpless before her.  They willingly roll on their backs and submit entirely with just one sultry look from her burning eyes.  Her lithe but well muscled form is that of an Anubite, but with a slightly deeper chest and slim tuck up, like a sight hound, or specifically, an Achihond.  But instead of short sleek Anubite fur, her body is covered in long, silky fur as soft as angel hair.  Her tail is full and fluffy, as soft as down, and cute and sexy all at the same time.  Her wings have cloud soft black down, bordering her fiery red primary feathers.  Even her antlers have a smooth, polished yet delicately ridged texture.  She also has a fiery red horn in the center of her forehead, it's rumored that it gives her mind controlling powers.  But in reality she doesn't need any help from magic to get whatever she wants from any male she comes across.  Xentra is quite a seductress and she enjoys toying with males and getting whatever she wants from them.  Despite her delicate looking beauty, one should not ignore the wickedly sharp claws on her left paw.
(Her name is pronounced ZEEN-tra.  Long e, like the prefix xeno-)


ShadowGirl - Female
(a gift from Discord @ Gothic Kennels, thank you!)

ShadowGirl is somewhat of a legend.  Many tell stories about her, but few have actually ever seen her.  Sometimes known as Shadow or Shade, this mysterious creature keeps to herself and roams dark and mysterious forests.  Why does she wander and why is she alone?  Who is she and what manner of strange beast is she?  There are many speculations and rumors, but no facts are known about ShadowGirl.


Nenji - Female

Nenji is very strange, and eccentric.  Some would even call her mad.  Most are afraid of her and call her a witch.  It is even rumored that she's an alien from outer space.  This is mostly because of the strange orbs that float above her head.  No one knows what they are.

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