Link to Black Mist


Aww, you like Black Mist?  *blushes*  How sweet, I'm touched!
*cough*  Err, well, if you really like this shit hole and want to link to it, I'd be shocked, but I'd really appreciate it.  So feel free to take one of the sucky banners below, or just give us a text link.  Either way, it'd be cool.


If you'd like to use one of these images save them to your own server, don't eat my bandwidth or I'll be forced to eat you, and link back to

rattie banner

Ragged Banner

Scratched Banner

BMC Banner

Paw Banner

Harley Banner

A New Banner

Another New Banner

Yes, I make a lot of banners.  I don't care that hardly anyone uses banners, I just like making them.  :P

But a text link to Black Mist would be appreciated just as much!  Thank you!!

I feel happeeeeeee!