Must Have Resources


Here are places you really must go, cuz they have stuff you really must have.  Mkay?


Petz Related

Carolyn's Creations
The original master of hexing!  Carolyn's site apparently moved and it took me a long time to find it.  I thought it was gone, but it's not!  This is a treasure of the Petz Community and even though there are lots of other ways to learn how to hex now, I still think Carolyn's site is a great resource.  Her good old breeds, clothes, hexing tutorials and more can all be found on her site.

AmberZoo is a great site with resources and general information on Petz, Oddballz, and Babiez.  As well as other virtual life games like Creatures.  This is where I found a fix to allow Oddballz to work in Windows XP.  I don't know how much of this site is left, but some is at least, so I'm leaving the link here.

Sherlock Software
Nicholas Sherlock's wonderful tools for petz.  Nick has made so many wonderful things, prefect hexing tools, and a great addition for petz with lots of incredibly useful features.  You really need them!

The Hexpedia
Now that a lot of the old sites are gone, thank goodness there is now The Hexpedia!  It has lots of tutorials for hexing and links to useful resorces.  Need to know how to hex something?  Check it out!

A huge advance in Petz has been made, and Reflet has made it!  Petz can now be converted from Petz 5 to Petz 4!  This is huge news!  Go to Yabiko to get the tool to do this.  Reflet's site has a bunch of other useful tools as well, like an un-neglecting tool and a way to view your pet's genetics.  They also have a great breeding guide.


Not Necessarily Petz Related

BoingDragon's Lair
BoingDragon is cool.  This is where I got my counter from.

Resource Hacker
Resource Hacker is an okay "hexing" tool.  It has it's quirks though, and you can't edit everything in the file.  LNZ Pro can do everything that ResHacker can and more, without the issues.  So I don't know why anyone would still use it, but I'm leaving this link here for now.

Hex Workshop
There isn't much I still have to do in an actual hex editor, but for those few things I use Hex Workshop.

Crimson Editor
Crimson Editor is a text editor that lets you highlight and edit text in vertical columns.  An amazing time saver for hexing!  Like changing the color or anchoring a large amount of spots at once.

The same as Crimson Editor, you can highlight and edit vertically.  I personally haven't tried this one, but it should work just as well.

I use HTML-kit for all my html editing.  It's a lot easier than just using notepad for newbies like me, and it's got lots of tools that should be useful no matter what your skill level.  And it's a lot better than those awful what-you-see-is-what-you-get editors like FrontPage.  Or these days it's WordPress.  *retch*

Get Firefox!
Firefox rocks.  Seriously.  It's much safer, easier to control, more secure, and has better features than IE.  Plus, their logo is a cute little fox!  What more could you want?  Get Firefox now!

All Forms
The cgi form host I use.  It's free, ad free, easy to use, and has good features.

JavaScript Kit
A great site with lots of free JavaScripts that you can add to your website.  I love it cuz it doesn't add any ads or extra crap that you don't want like every other free scripts I've found.  I used this for the random images I have on my front page.  I may use other scripts in the future.

Font Squirrel
An place to find lots of free fonts, and a generator to easily package fonts to upload to your site.  Black Mist now has some pretty fonts thanks to this place.