The Spire Rock Pride



The Spire Rock Pride is so named because of the large rock formation by the mountain cave where the pride makes it's home.  It is a large, jagged spike of rock that looks like a spire.  It is a well-known landmark that is known to all creatures that live in the area as Spire Rock.  The pride is a very matriarchal group of griffins.  The females are in charge and all the males are subordinate to them.  The ranks are ordered as all the females first and then the males.  I.e. even the gamma female has authority over the alpha male.  The griffins are generally very arrogant and species-centric.  They care little for anything that is not a griffin.  Although they will tolerate other strong felines, they absolutely hate canines of any kind.

These are my personal petz and are not for adoption.


Aara - Alpha Female

Aara is the pride's leader.  She is very strict and will not tolerate any insubordination.  She has a deadly temper when provoked, but otherwise she is very calm, if a bit withdrawn.  Others see her as arrogant because she generally dislikes others and keeps to herself, but this is not the case.  She has her reasons for being so reserved.

Ommi - Alpha Male

Ommi is quite and reserved, much like his mate.  But unlike her he is submissive and generally very kind to others.  He truly believes what the females of the pride insist.  That females are superior to males and males should always obey them.  Ommi has great respect for Aara and takes great pleasure in serving under her.

Ochi - Beta Female

Ochi is extremely violent and aggressive.  She delights in taking her anger out on any of the males.  They all fear and respect her, except Pyer.  Pyer detests Ochi, and the feeling is mutual.  Ochi thinks he should be kicked out of the pride for his blatant disrespect.

Tarin - Beta Male

Tarin is an unusual member of the pride because he is not a griffin.  He was found when he was young, lost and badly injured.  In a rare moment of generosity, the pride took him in.  Even though he is not a griffin and cannot fly, he is allowed to stay and rise to the rank of beta male because he is strong and his horns make formidable weapons.  Yet he willingly submits to the female's authority.  It is probably only because he is a male and thus not seen as a threat that a non-griffin was allowed to join the pride.

Tachta - Gamma Female

Tachta is the youngest of the pride.  She is very playful, and is the least aggressive of the pride (except for Kova) despite her wicked looking red claws.

Pyer - Gamma Male

Pyer is the only male who does not agree with the total domination by the females.  He detests this and has tried many times to rise up against them.  The females don't like this at all of course, especially Ochi.  Pyer would be demoted all the way to omega if it weren't for Kova's extreme submissiveness and complete refusal to assert dominance over anyone.

Kova - Omega Male

Kova is easily frightened and very submissive.  He has tried many times to convince Pyer to stop his rebellion, but to no avail.  Kova is very loyal to the females and thinks Pyer is wrong to disrespect them.  Kova wishes only to please the females, in every way he can.  He is always ready to be at their service whenever they wish him.

Stone - Male

Stone isn't officially part of the pride.  He is just a small dragon who lives in the mountains the pride inhabits.  He doesn't threaten them and keeps to himself mostly so they leave him alone.  Aara seems to have taken a bit of a liking to him.