I'm not the best at making toys for Petz, because I'm not an artist at all so I can't really make my own sprites.  But I've dabbled into toy making just a bit, and those toys will go here.  There is not much here right now, but you never know, there may be more later.

Please Note:  None of these files are copyrighted.  You may do whatever you wish with them.  Alter them in any way you see fit.  All I ask is that you give me credit for creation of the original file, and a link back to my site.  Cuz taking credit for someone else's work is just not cool.

Disclaimer:  By downloading and installing any of these files you will have breached Ubi Soft's warranty and will no longer be eligible for technical support from them.  You download at your own risk.  Although these files work fine in my game, I can make no guarantees about their performance in your game.  I cannot be held responsible if these files don't work, if you suddenly turn into an elephant, or if your computer decides to say "I'm sorry Dave"  and kills you.  If you have any problems with any of these files, please contact me and I will try my best to fix it, however I make no promises.

All these files are zipped.  So you will need some sort of unzipping program to exact them with.  Like WinZip.  Or if you want something totally free and open source, get 7-Zip.

Sunflower Seeds

The Sunflower Seeds are inexplicably missing from Petz 5.  This annoyed me, as I wanted sunflowers, damnit!  :P  So I converted them to P5.  It was a pain in the ass I tell ya, all those animation frames!  It was tedious work, and I have never worked with a growable items before so it took some trial and error to get it to work.  But I did it, and now I'm sharing it with you.

I realized the Sunflowers were not in Petz 4 either, so I took the time to convert them to that game as well.  So now everyone can have lovely sunflowers, no matter what version of the game they use!  Aren't you glad I did that for you?  ;P

If you need the Sunflower Seeds for Petz 3, you should check out Middle Night.  Kel has all the official downloads, how awesome!  If it weren't for her I wouldn't be able to convert these sunflowers.  I'll try to convert some more things when I have the time.

Sunflower Seeds:  Petz 4 / Petz 5