Clan of the Unholy Beast


The Clan of the Unholy Beast is an ever-growing cult of undead canines, evil mythical creatures, and strange hybrids.  It was started by a strange and powerful undead creature known only as The Unholy Beast, and his small band of fellow Puppy Bonez.  Their goal is to amass a large army of hybrids and spread their own corrupt spawn out like a plague.  Conquering and corrupting all that they can.
(Note: not all members have ranks right now.  Positions are still shifting and are not yet final, and most of the new members are currently basically equal, and about in the middle, as far as rank.)

These are my personal petz and are not for adoption.


Unholy - Alpha Male

The Unholy Beast himself.  Known to his followers as simply Unholy, or, if they're in a particularly respectful mood (which they usually are around him, since they are all terrified of him) "The Unholy One." Unholy is an extremely powerful undead.  Not only does he have great physical strength and charisma, he is very skilled at black magic.  Although his reputation is probably quite a bit exaggerated, (Unholy himself does quite a bit to spread rumors of his own prowess far and wide), it is believed enough to intimidate most not to challenge him and find out for themselves.  Unholy's bones are pitch black, and sometimes seem to be made of nothing but a foul, cold mist.  His eye sockets and nostrils glow with an intense red light, but to be near him is to be plunged into the most chilling cold.  He rules his minions with an iron paw and a lot of intimidation.  He purposefully keeps himself shrouded in mystery and secrecy.  Very few actually know much about him.

Blight - Alpha Female

Blight is Unholy's mate and the closest to him.  She knows many secrets about him, but she's certainly not telling.  She is fiercely devoted to him, and to his mission.  It is only around Blight that Unholy ever shows even the slightest bit of affection.  To others they may seem rather cold to each other, but they share a deep bond and in their own strange and twisted way are very loving.  Blight is a very strange creature herself.  A sickly, pale glow emanates from her eye sockets, and she cannot see very well.  However, her bite can cause temporary blindness.  She is trying to increase her powers, to be able to inflict longer lasting blindness and eventually permanent blindness, but so far it only lasts a short time.

Mordis - Betta Male

Mordis is Unholy's second in command, and aside from Blight, is the closest to him.  Mordis is very crafty and intelligent.  He has a great mind for strategy and planning.  He is very reserved and calculating.  He tends to stay out of the petty squabbles of the lower ranking members of the clan.  Unholy probably would never have gotten as far as he has without Mordis at his side.  You can't very well amass a huge army and take over the world without a great strategist by your side, and Unholy knows it.  He puts a lot of trust in Mordis.

Rott - Betta Female

Rott detests being the betta female.  She believes she is much more worthy of being the alpha than Blight.  She is not at all impressed with the glowing eyes and inflicting blindness trick.  Rott believes Blight to be weak and inferior.  And if Rott had her way she would overthrow Blight and take her place beside Unholy.  Rott also despises Mordis, and is jealous of his closeness to Unholy.  Anyone who makes the mistake of assuming that Rott and Mordis are mates because they are both betta will find themselves getting up close and personal with Rott's teeth.  She simply cannot stand Mordis.  She sees little use for strategy and thinks that anything can be accomplished with simple brute force.  Because Mordis isn't in the habit of making great displays of force to impose his dominance over the lower ranks, Rott considers him weak.

Crypt - Male

Crypt is very aggressive and a strong fighter.  Rott has been keeping her eye on him and thinks he might make a good ally if she tries to start an uprising against Blight.  But so far she hasn't approached Crypt with her idea, as he so far expresses deep devotion to both his alphas.

Remnant - Female

Remnant has bits of blood permanently staining her bones, a reminder of her violent life, before she became undead.  Remnant is very aggressive and is a superb fighter.  She is in charge of training new recruits and improving their fighting skills. Remnant is very harsh and bitter, and she never talks about her past, or what her blood stains may symbolize.

Abhor - Male

Abhor is a relative newcomer to the clan but he is rising swiftly though the ranks.  Apparently Unholy sees much potential in him.  Abhor is completely blind in his left eye, but his right eye is even stranger.  His right eye is somewhat disembodied and floats just above it's socket, which appears to be a vast empty hole going back into his head.  It is rumored that he is able to see things others cannot with his strange eye, and because of this many fear him.  He will probably do well as the ability to cause fear generally equates to power in the clan.
(Note:  His name is spelled just like the word abhor, but it's pronounced slightly different.  The emphasis is on the first syllable.  Abhor.  Why?  I don't know, I just made it up that way!)

Famine - Female

Famine's skin is stretched thin over her bones; she has virtually no flesh whatsoever.  (Yes, I know, really her skin wouldn't be covering each individual rib, it would be stretched across them, but give me come creative room here :P)  Her fur is ragged and pale, and she just generally appears very unhealthy.  Famine is constantly hungry and is always looking for any scrap of food she can get a hold of.  But no matter how much she eats, she is always emaciated.

War - Male

War is quite a fearsome beast.  He doesn't have fur, but scales that seem as hard as rock and are nearly impenetrable.  And of course his four heads.  Yes, four heads that are constantly arguing with each other.  All of War's heads have terrible tempers and they cannot stand each other.  They seem to be always fighting with each other and sometimes even try to attack each other, which is quite an odd thing to witness.  The snake head's fangs are poisonous, and it's a good thing that War is immune to his own venom, because the snake often bites the other heads when he gets annoyed with them.  And War's wrath is not confined solely to himself.  War has a very short fuse and is likely to lash out randomly at anyone near by.  Most everyone steers clear of War; the only ones that don't seem to be afraid of him are Famine, Pestilence, and Death.

Pestilence - Female

Pestilence always has fleas, ticks, and any number of other distasteful parasites, and she's always sick.  She is constantly coughing and scratching and gnawing on herself.  Her fur is mangy and ragged from being chewed on, scratched, and ravaged by countless parasites.  Everywhere she goes she seems to be followed by masses of parasitic and destructive insects.  Swarms of locusts, termites, flies, maggots, mosquitoes, and numerous other unpleasant things seem to always amass in her wake.  Her reddened eyes look diseased, and probably are.  The jewel on her forehead emits a sickly green glow, and anyone who stares at it will become nauseous.  But not many do, everyone tries their best to avoid her.  And Pestilence doesn't seem to mind any of this one bit!

Death - Male

Death likes to kill things, many things.  Absolutely any thing he comes across, besides other members of the clan.  Any creature Death comes across he will delight in brutally killing with a disturbing glee and with as much blood and gore spilled as possible.  He also seems to have a strange fixation with corpses, bones, and any remains of life he comes across.  After the clan have killed pray and eaten their fill, Death can often be seen staring at the remains of the carcass as if in deep contemplation.  He also has a great affinity for the Puppy Bonez, as they are the walking dead, and he is very happy to serve under Unholy.  It is only because Unholy says so that Death doesn't go after the other members of the clan.  Although when he first joined he had to be reminded several times.

Inferno - Male

Inferno has very thick fur with dark black feathering.  He has a broad, somewhat hunched back, concealing extremely large and powerful muscles.  His red eyes glow intensely and his stare is quite unsettling.  When he looks at you it feels as if his eyes are boring into your very soul.  His fangs are jagged and a bit decayed, but that makes his bite particularly nasty.  Inferno is very withdrawn and brooding, and not as outwardly aggressive as most of the others.  But they tend not to bother him much because he has such a powerful presence.

Monster - Male

Calling any particular one of these creatures Monster seems rather redundant, they all are pretty monstrous, but that's the name this creature goes by.  His upper body is thickly furred and muscular, except for a bear patch on his side, which shows though to his ribs, but his legs and wings are completely devoid of flesh, exposing the bare bones.  The winged Puppy Bonez can fly, using some dark magic to allow them to use their skeletal wings, but Monster's wings are completely useless.  He cannot fly and he cannot see very well either, but he has two sets of powerful claws, and his jaws are deadly.

Dram - Female

Dram is a very odd creature, and nobody really knows much about her.  She's very unpredictable and doesn't seem to be quite sane.  She can be calm and reasonable one minute, and the next she'll fly into a raving frenzy.  No one really knows what to make of her, and they never know what will set her off.  But they try to stay on her good side, because her fangs are poisonous.

Nemnar - Male

Nemnar is quite twisted and evil.  He's also very arrogant and self-centered.  He generally likes to torment anyone he can for his own enjoyment.

Three Eyes
Three Eyes - Female

Three Eyes actually doesn't have any eyes, but she has three empty sockets, although it's sometimes hard to see all three at once.  She is able to see, somehow.  By combining the spiritual powers of her three sockets, she says.  She is kind of the mystic of the clan, and clams she can speak to the gods.  Unholy took her in and is keeping close council with her.  If her powers turn out to be genuine, Unholy would be very interested in getting some evil gods on his side.

Hounder - Male

At first glance Hounder looks like a cute and friendly puppy (until you notice his two sets of fangs that is!) and he uses this to his advantage by luring his adversaries into a false sense of security before attacking.  Hounder is very ambitious and hopes to rise far in the Clan.  He is very ruthless and cruel to everyone accept his close companion, Fellin, whom he convinced to join the clan with him.

Fellin - Male

Fellin is the exact opposite of Hounder, in that despite his ferocious appearance, he is actually quite gentle and kind.  He only joined the clan because he is infatuated with Hounder and wants to do everything he does.  How these two complete opposites ever got together, and fell in love, is a mystery.
(Note:  Will Hounder corrupt Fellin's innocence, or will Fellin save Hounder from damnation?  That remains to be seen...)

Ungodly Horror
Ungodly Horror - Male

Ungodly Horror is... ungodly... and horrible.  But in a cute way!  Truly, Ungodly Horror is actually one of the least aggressive of the clan, and he lives up to his name only in appearance.  But he is tolerated, at least for now, because he is Mordis's son.  The brown and black markings are decayed bits of skin that have dried and hardened to leather stretched tightly on his bones, and his ears are just cartilage.

Void - Omega Female

Void is very much the omega.  She is tormented and picked on by everyone else and is generally very disliked.  Many of the others consider her useless because she is so small.  She is allowed to stay simply because Unholy pretty much ignores her and doesn't see her as a threat.  But for some reason she is intensely loyal to Unholy and wishes very badly to please him.  She does anything she can to try to get approval from her revered leader.

Dimi - Omega Male

Dimi is a recent addition, recruited by Mordis, who says that Dimi could be a very good asset to the Clan.  This of course annoys Rott to no end, as she sees Dimi as completely useless.  This has created even more tension between the two Bettas, but Unholy agrees with Mordis and has allowed Dimi to stay.  Unfortunately because of his small size, everyone picks on poor Dimi, just like Void.  Dimi and Void stick together for their own protection and have become quite close.  No one knows why Dimi is so small.  It's suspected that he isn't pure anubite, but Dimi doesn't like to talk about it and will get quite pissed if asked.  Apparently there is something about his heritage he is embarrassed about and doesn't want anyone else to know.

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