The Wing Blade Band

A small renegade band of thieves


Not really a full pack, but a small band of renegade thieves.  They are a disorderly haphazard group of nomads who travel around randomly and attack other packs and loners they come across to steal their food and shelter.  They are very aggressive and would much rather steal from others than find their own.  Many of them had a hard start in life that has led them to this way of life and they don't know how to survive any other way.  They all have wings and they are very strong and clever.  This has helped them to survive in their dangerous way of life.  Because of their wings and their cut-throat ways, they are known as the Wing Blade Band.

There isn't much of a pack structure and ranks are constantly shifting as they all struggle for dominance.  For the most part they are all mostly equal as there is no stable hierarchy and none of them listen to orders very well.  They are just a small group of young packless "bachelors" who ended up banding together, basically just a loosely connected band of outlaws.  So all ranks given are vague approximations of their current status, but this tends to change often.

These are my personal petz and are not for adoption.


Arsyn - Alpha Male

The Anubits will tell you they don't have a true leader, and that they all just do as they please.  But Arsyn is clearly the brains of the operation.  He is the smartest and most clever of the group.  Even though many of his ideas put the band in great danger, he can usually figure out how to get them back out of danger too.  For the most part the Anubits listen to him, although it often takes some rather aggressive convincing on Arsyn's part.  The Anubits are very stubborn and don't like to think of themselves as being led by a cat.

Karnege - Beta Male

Karnege is rather ruthless and aggressive.  He's pretty much convinced that fighting can solve all problems.  If someone disagrees with you, just beat them up until they submit and agree that you're right.  Thus Karnege is not very tactful and ends up making everyone mad.  But he seems to thrive on confrontation and is always itching for an excuse to fight.  No one gets along with Karnege very well, but least of all Strike.
(And yes, his name is spelt that way on purpose)

Strike - Gamma Female

Strike seems very cold and selfish, even more so than the rest of the band.  It seems she has had a tough life and always had to fight to survive, so now she still feels that she must constantly be on the offensive and is unable to trust the others.  But no one knows for sure since any attempt to talk to her about her past will only make her angry.  She is almost always angry with Karnege anyway.  Karnege irritates everyone but he seems to get under Strike's skin the most, and the two are almost constantly arguing, if not out and out fighting.

Ravine - Delta Female

Ravine is the calmest and most level headed of the group.  She usually keeps out of the constant bickering of the others.  She doesn't let many things bother her and she tends to keep to herself.  It's even hard for Karnege to get a rise out of her.  She tries to keep some semblance of sanity in the band and keep them from self-destructing.  They wouldn't be able to survive without Ravine there to hold them back from doing anything too terribly reckless.

Intimidate - Epsilon Male

Intimidate is very volatile and short-tempered.  One minute he will be calm and the next he will be in a rage.  You never know what will set him off.  He tends to be very impulsive and does things without thinking.  It's often all Ravine can do to keep Intimidate from doing something stupid that would get him killed.  His personality isn't at all like what his eye color would suggest.  Unless he has another side to him that he doesn't let the others see. . .

Innka - Omega Male

Unlike the others, Innka is very light hearted and playful.  This tends to get on the others' nerves.  But when the more aggressive anubites try to gang up on him, Ravine usually jumps to his defense.  Innka isn't the sharpest, but he wants very badly to be a clever thief like the others, so he listens to them and tries his best to emulate them.  His unusual, flashy colors make it hard for him to be stealthy, but he makes up for it with his exceptional speed and endurance.

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