Petz At Their Weirdest


Ah yes.  Welcome to What The Fuck, the section of Black Mist where I get to show off just how strange my petz are by showing you some of their silliest moments caught on camera.  This is always one of my favorite sections of petz sites.  It's always fun to have a good laugh at the strange things petz do.  So, enjoy!  Or else the penguins will get you.

Also, I have a separate section devoted just to a strange affair between three of my petz, Bite, Doubletalk, and Stain.  Check it out--
Love is Strange


Exploding Anubite Exploding Abhor

EAS - Exploding Anubite Syndrome

Aldous and Max

Aldous: "You're gonna do WHAT with that ball?!"

Catnip Feast

Catnip for everyone!

Colin checks out Ezra's ass

Colin is checking out Ezra's sweet ass. O.o

Sideways Fuck

Well fuck me sideways! ...Literally. O.o

Naughty Girls

The girls are being naughty, and Who is enjoying the view!

Weird Threesome

I'm not sure what Mandy and Focus are doing... and Metal isn't either.

Reese and Sporadic

Hmm... there're both male... and different species... I guess love is blind...

Rain and Frozen are weird

Rain is... Attacking Frozen's head?

Sang and Kurokiri

Sang: "Hey.. you got a cute butt."

Chandelier is odd

I'm afraid, very afraid.

Fuzzwit and Dracula

Fuzzwit: "Hey! I am not a cat toy!" Dracula: "OMG it talked!!"

Droppin' Plates

I'm droppin' plates on your ass, bitch! ...literally.

Picasso Dog

Um...Picasso dog?

Justin's Ass

Justin is quite proud of his fine ass, and Trixie appreciates it too.

Wicked Guilty

Wicked: "I didn't do it!  No body saw me do it!  I was never here!"

Tsume Funny Ears

Tsume, are you trying to be a bunny?

Syn Goofy

An elegant, sophisticated Siamese?

Plotting Kittens

Is it just me, or does it look like they're plotting something?

Sang wearing a tie

A stylish demon dog?

Evil Love

Sometimes you just have to take a screen shot.

Conjoined Twins

Conjoined twins!  Joined at the eye! ...oi.

Akclep OMG

Akclep: "Oh my god!  It's my turn to do the dishes!?!"

Wicked Get Ya

Wicked: "I'll get you, my pretty!  And your little dog too!"

Nemnar weird tail

Nemnar: "Um.. My tail's not supposed to be... square... is it?"

Jewel Flat

Didn't I just get though saying how graceful Turkish Angoras were?

Elf Walking Funny

Elf?  Um... what...what are you doing?

Doubletalk + Stain

Doubletalk, don't you think Stain is a little young for you yet?

Cerberus Funny

Cerberus: "I'm the feared guardian of hell!  What?  Why don't you believe me?"

Carnie and Wicked

Carnie is wondering what on earth is up with Wicked...

Incy alien

That's just scary.

Cerberus is brave?

So much for the fierce and deadly guardian of the gates of hell.

Girls having fun.

Girls just wanna have fun? ;)

High girls

I think the girls had a bit too much fun.

Incubus lost his tongue!

Uh oh, Incubus, that's not supposed to fall out.

A yummy view!

What nice view, Yummy.

Tyler has a problem

Tyler, your not supposed to be able to do that.

Andromeda gagging

Looks like Andromeda got some bad catnip.

Canvas looking dead

Err, okay, so that wasn't really funny.

Catacomb broke her back!

Catacomb:  "Oh crap, what they say about stepping on a crack is true!"

Fuzzle is a butt head?

I'm not even going to comment on this one.

Church trying to pose?

Yes, Church, we all know you're sexy, but that's not gonna win shows.

A wad of Crow?

Look out!  It's the attack of the giant mutated wad of Crow!

Eatbugs and Diamond

Eatbugs thinks he looks quite the stud in his new shades, but Crazy Diamond is not impressed.

Ed fierce?

Ed dear, whatever look you were going for, I think you missed it.

David and Goliath...

Not only are David and Goliath engaged in questionable recreational activates, but David can defy gravity!

fox big eye

Um, Fox, I think maybe you should have that looked at by a doctor.

Ghost having fun?

I'm not even going to ask what Ghost is doing.

Eatbugs Pissed

Is it really the ball's fault, Eatbugs?

Labyrinth cross-eyed

Labyrinth, didn't anyone ever tell you if you make that face it'll get stuck that way?

Mort looking confused

Mort is having a blond moment. . . Or. . . Something. . .

Norman in a pile

It's a pile of Norman!

OMGWTF postcard

Eh, I decided to mess with that pointless postcard feature in Petz 5.  And this is what came out.  Yeah.

pixel tongue out

Oh yeah, real mature, Pixel, real mature.  *Rolls eyes*

really odd

Um, I swear, that really is a cat.

pyro self-suck

See, it really can be done!

rain waving

Rain is waving bye to the aliens.

Roofshadow falling painfully

Oy, that looks painful.  Poor Roofshadow.

Sadie fucked up

Well what can I say?  Sadie is an Oddball.

shadow high

Shadow, I think you've had enough.

rain looking intelligent

Professor Rain!


Spike in yo face!

Perro kicked

Aww, who kicked poor Perro Loco in the stomach?

Monkeys?!?!  Holy crap!